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Activities, General
Yeti Sighting on Mystic Mountain!

Saturday's snowfall brought approximately 12" of snowfall, reduced visibility, high winds and... a Yeti? This rare sighting was caught on film. Check out video below.

Mystic Mountain is scheduled to open December 24, 2009 with 100% of terrain open! Mystic Mountain's average base is approximately 16" - 36," snowmaking is still in progress and additional natural snowfall is expected throughout the week. Get ready for one snowtastic opening weekend!

Nemacolin University Kicks Off Monday!

Nemacolin University kicks-off this Monday, December 7, 2009. We are thrilled that author and world-renowned speaker John DiJulius will be presenting his "What's The Secret?" an interactive seminar focusing on the 10 commandments of customer service. Known as "The Authority of Customer Service," John DiJulius has worked for companies such as Nemacolin, Lexus, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Cheesecake Factory and many more, to help them to continue to raise the bar and set the standard in customer service. Click Here for the complete bio.

"What's The Secret? delves even farther into the customer service experience and, more importantly, explains how to focus the entire organization on this one key element to all business success. DiJulius has once again delivered a fine addition to any business library." -Maggie Hardy Magerko, owner and President of 84 Lumber Company and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Click Here to view more testimonials from leaders in almost every industry, regarding the impact John's seminars have had.

This is a seminar you do not want to miss! Click Here to register today... there is time, but seats are going fast!

The Holidays Are Here!

When the smell of sweet gingerbread fills the air, it is a sign that the holidays are really here! If you are traveling to our Resort this Thanksgiving Holiday or within the next few weeks, there is no ignoring the Gingerbread Village displayed within our Chateau Lobby. This year's Gingerbread Village took over 100 hours and contains the following ingredients:

  • 100 Pounds of Gingerbread
  • 200 Pounds of Powdered Sugar
  • 40 Pounds of Egg Whites
  • 100 Ice Cream Cones
  • 100 Peppermint Balls
  • 5 Pounds of Peppermint Starlite Mints
  • 5 Pounds of Spearmint Starlite Mints
  • 100 Gum Balls
  • 500 Graham Crackers
  • 60 Nerd Ropes
  • 5,000 Jelly Beans
  • 144 Kit Kats
  • 5 Pounds of Gumdrops
  • 5 Pounds of Chocolate Non-Pareils
  • 2 Pounds of Mini M&M's
  • 250 Mini Candy Canes
  • 3.5 Pounds of Hershey Kisses
  • 2 Pounds of Nerds
  • 200 Candy Canes
  • 2 Pounds of Marshmallows
  • 1 Pound of Red Hots
  • 5 Pounds of Chocolate Rocks
  • Swedish Fish
  • 200 Hershey Bars
  • 180 Twizzlers
  • 5 Pounds of Pretzels
  • 4 Pounds of Shredded Wheat
  • 5 Pounds of Candy Blocks
  • 5 Pounds of Snaps
  • 5 Pounds of Sports Balls
  • 50 Life Savers
  • 1,000 Frooties
  • 10 Pounds of Jelly Wreaths
  • 100 Blow Pops
  • 80 Andes Candies
  • 20 Pounds of Fake Snow

A special thanks to all the associates who worked to build this delicious masterpieces for all to enjoy! Happy Holidays from Nemacolin Woodlands Resort!

General, Sales and Marketing
ATM Fees and Lollipops?

I discussed the simplicities of the loyalty phenomenon in a previous post this summer. It’s the acknowledgment, the sense of urgency and sincerity that make the experience and set the foundation for loyal customers. And then, there are lollipops!

I have been a PNC customer for years, traveling past ten different banks to get to our local branch. Recently, PNC purchased a regional bank and opened a new branch closer to our house. So, naturally my wife decides to start using the new branch closer to home. With a car full of kids, she pulls into the new bank and the crying and screaming begins! “This isn’t the bank where the nice lady gives us lollipops! I want to go to that bank!”

Now, I bet banks across America spend millions of dollars on lollipops every year. I’m certain that meetings have been held about the money that could be saved by cutting out lollipops. What an easy way to save money, increase profits… and lose customers. Thank you to the new branch of PNC for not cutting out lollipops. You still have me.

Steve Yastrow wrote in his book “Brand Harmony” that “the strength of a brand impression in a customer’s mind is not built through powerful messages but by messages that harmonize in the customer’s brain.”

Nothing harmonizes a four year old’s brain like lollipops! And nothing harmonizes in this customer’s brain like happy four year olds, regardless of the increased ATM fees!

Chris Plummer
General Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Thank You Veterans!

It was in 1938 when Congress passed legislation designating November 11 as “a day dedicated to the cause of world peace to be hereafter celebrated and known as 'Armistice Day,' marking the end of World War I and honoring World War I Veterans. Today, November 11 is known as Veteran's Day, a legal holiday that honors Veterans of all wars and the military currently serving. As we honor our military service men and women today we should take a moment to look back on what this nation over the years has overcome. While in the wake of the Fort Hood tragedy, a national holiday that should each year hold a strong significance seems to take on a stronger sense of gratitude and meaning this year. This reminds us of an opportunity our Resort had this past September when various squadrons from the 911th Airlift Wing set to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan, stayed at Nemacolin for a few days for a program that was designated to ease the leading deployment for these troops and their families. During their stay our resort and our associates truly felt that we had experienced an opportunity to give back to them for the sacrifices they make each day for us. This Veteran's Day Nemacolin would like to take a moment and thank the 911th Airlift Wing, we are thinking of you and your families. We would also like thank you thank ALL our nations’ military, past and present for the commitment and sacrifices they make daily. Let’s not just thank you during this day but everyday for what you do.

Aqueous Is Moving To Autumn

Just as the seasons change in the beautiful hills of the Laurel Highlands in Farmington, Pennsylvania, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort begins preparing for their new seasonal offerings. The most wonderful, welcoming and highly anticipated change of the season… Aqueous is moving into Autumn.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, unlike years past, our Aqueous team of service and culinary professionals will be moving in with our established Autumn professionals for you to continue to enjoy the award-winning cuisine and service all year long!

We welcome guest's opinions and ideas and more importantly, we listen. Aqueous Restaurant has become a favorite among Nemacolin's Restaurant Collection. A modern steakhouse with a focus on locally raised meats and produce, Aqueous has seen much success and high demand! Since Aqueous closes with Falling Rock Hotel, Nemacolin is proud to announce that the Aqueous' menu and Chef, Sean Eckman will be relocating during the winter season to Autumn! Starting November 4, 2009, guests can dine at Autumn but enjoy the flavors and options only previously available at Aqueous Restaurant. Stay tuned... a new restaurant option will be arriving during the Spring 2010!

A Message From Nemacolin Regarding The Sacred White & Black Buffalo

To All Interested Parties:

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has recently been blessed by receiving both a white and black buffalo from a local resident. We have since discovered that there is sacred significance to a wide variety of people throughout the world. We understand that there is a responsibility not only to ensure the care and good health of these animals, but also to allow them to be seen and experienced by everyone. It is our goal to promote education and knowledge not only of the buffalo themselves, but also of their historical and spiritual significance.

Recently, there has been some confusion and questions about the Resort’s opinions and actions regarding these animals. Nemacolin has, and will continue to, make all of our animals available to the public. We do not discriminate against, nor at this time endorse, any specific group or individual. It is our hope that all who have interest in coming to the property will do so in a respective manner. We have made the viewing of these animals available for no cost or fee to anyone, and should you be a representative of a group or an individual with interest in holding a ceremony or event, we would be most interested in assisting in any way we can, so please contact us directly.

Again, please understand that our interest is for the well being of the animals and to ensure that access to them is open to all.

Warm regards,
Trey Matheu
General Manager

Associates of the Month
Nemacolin's August Associates of the Month

When we receive stories and testimonials from our guests we know that the reason for their experiences and the reason for their return is due to the hard work and passion of our associates. John DiJulius, author, consultant, nationally recognized speaker, the "Authority" in World-Class Customer Service has many times said, "World Class Service is not something you deliver… it is a result of something you are." These Nemacolin Associates exemplify customer service standards and we would like to thank and acknowledge them.

2009 August Associates of the Month

August - Front of the House
Donna Fike - The Woodlands Spa Massage Therapist

August - Heart of the House

Jeff Summerson - Engineering

August - Rising Star of the Month
Andrea Camp - Banquets

August - Leader of the Month
Meryl Elliot - Garde Manager

Fall Foliage
Hurry Up!

October 10, 2009

The leaves covering the mountains of the Laurel Highlands are in full color assault right now. It is spectacular! This weekend and next will be the best weekends for viewing and the weather forecast looks great.

These photos were taken in Ohiopyle State Park which borders Nemacolin. Ohiopyle is the largest state park in Pennsylvania covering over 19,000 acres. Famous for white water kayaking and rafting, the park also has incredible hiking, camping and biking.

The Great Allegheny Passage passes right through the heart of this eclectic town. The GAP trail connects Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. and is perfect for every level of rider. Hint to all of our D.C. friends stuck in traffic on 270 heading to resort, avoid all that mess and bike here with your family via the GAP trail! Okay, that may be pushing it but make sure you check out Ohiopyle State Park on your next trip.

Of course, we have made it easy to escape the next two weekends and view the fall foliage with our Autumn Escape Package. See you this weekend!

Sales and Marketing, Testimonials
Why do you choose Nemacolin?

Any marketer will tell you that the almighty referral is a company’s best friend. Why? Because consumers are very more than ever conscious, especially with the current economic situation. As consumers, we rely on the past experiences and decisions of others to determine the money and time we too will invest. Think about how quickly you form opinions when hearing about a relative or best friends recent travels. Their positive or negative experience ultimately determines your ‘new’ outlook and it is not uncommon for you to own their experience with them.

That is why Nemacolin encourages guest feedback, and we understand that it is important to our success. We at Nemacolin have a lot to be proud, but we are most proud of the stories, testimonials and shared guest’s experiences.

So we ask… Why do you choose Nemacolin? Here what past guests have to say:

Mike, Pittsburgh, PA: "The reason that we return to Nemacolin is pretty straightforward. I appreciate good service, friendly people and being treated respectfully. I am in the "service" business as well and can appreciate the challenges associated with running a large "client focused" business. Nemacolin delivered with exceptional service."

Mr. Bill M., Reston, VA: "We have already signed for 3 more years and this will be our location as long as I am in charge. Your service and attention to detail sets you apart. I can’t believe how accommodating your staff is. They are the best I have experienced. They make all the difference."

Ms. Linda C., Newark, OH: "Everyone loved the program. You guys truly made my job so easy. Your facility and staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I am looking forward to working with NWL for my September program."

We Love Our Guests! And have devoted a whole page to your testimonials and experiences. Click Here to view. Email us at to share your Nemacolin experience. Please mention: “Feature me on your We Love Our Guests Page!” to be considered for inclusion.

Fall Foliage
The Miracle of Fall

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not real sure where summer went but that is all right, the leaves are changing colors and fall is beginning to show its' face in the Laurel Highlands. It seems the leaves are turning a bit earlier this year. Science would disagree, but maybe the rather cool summer experienced in much of the region has something to do with it.

Southwestern Pennsylvania and most of the grounds at the resort are covered with various kinds of maple and oak trees. This is great news for those of you coming out in the next few weeks to take in all the fall colors as those types of trees are the most vibrant in color. As you can see from the photos, there is a lot of deep red and some orange beginning to show.

If you are planning a trip to view this spectacular display, plan on the weekends of October 16-17 and 23-24 for peak fall foliage. Of course, Nemacolin makes it easy for you to do so with the Autumn Escape Package.

Check back every week for photos and updates on the miracle of fall in the Laurel Highlands.

It Was An Honor To Serve Those Who Serve Us!

Every so often, you get an opportunity to really feel good about what you do for a living. Our associates were honored with that opportunity this past week when various squadrons from the 911th Airlift Wing set to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan, stayed at Nemacolin for a few days.

Their program included many events and activities designed to help make this difficult time period leading up to deployment just a bit more bearable for the families. The Nemacolin Activities Team developed programs focused on spending quality time with spouses, children and other family members. The program also included counseling sessions on various topics to help families cope while a loved one is deployed.

The current administration has not been very supportive of the hospitality industry since taking office. Maybe more stories like these will help change their minds on the huge benefits our industry provides to everyone from Corporate America to the great men and women in our armed forces.

Thank you 911th Airlift Wing for defending our freedom! Godspeed and we will have a room waiting for you when you return home safely.

Over The Top!

The oldest, most familiar expression in golf (after keep your head down) is “you came over the top." Let’s explore that prepositional phrase…

To understand what is meant by “over the top;” we need to know about swing plane. Swing plane is a cone shaped area. The perimeters of which are a line which would run through the shaft of the golf club at address and a line that would run from the golf ball through the shoulders of the player. These two lines are the upper and lower boundaries, for lack of a better term, of the golf swing. In other words, if we can stay within that that cone-shaped area, we have the best chance of hitting good golf shots. When our golf club swings under the shaft line (bottom end) we are said to be “under the plane." When we swing over the line running through the shoulders, (top line) we are said to be “over the plane,” or more commonly “over the top. ” (Golf pros love prepositional phrases).

Over the top is categorically the number one flaw in almost every amateur’s golf swing! At least 80% of the people I teach suffer this malady. It never, I repeat never, causes anything good to happen at impact. Typically golf shots are pulled, sliced, shanked and topped from that position at impact. The most one can hope for is a slice that starts well left of the target and curves weakly back in play; a major power outage!

What causes this? Well, like everything else in golf, probably a myriad of things. But here’s one you may not have considered: Golf is one of the few games in which we do not face the target. At address, we are angled 90 degrees away from our target. Think of a basketball player trying to make a basket or a bowler trying to hit pins in that position. Then the instructor has the audacity to tell you to turn your back to the target at the top of your wing. Now you are literally facing 180 degrees from your intended target. Is it any wonder your first move from the top is OUT, not down? And of course, some well intended, but often misinformed, friend says, “Hey you came over the top.”

Correction: Learn to hook the ball for a while. (The reason you come over the top is because you slice) This will begin to create a better habit whereby you swing more from inside the ball-target line and more on plane in the downswing. Try a stronger grip and freer release with the right hand rolling over the left through impact. Shortly after your golf ball starts to curve from right to left, you WILL stop coming "over the top."

I believe you have to SEE this on video to fully comprehend it, especially the extent to which you may be doing it. The real problem is this: This single error, coming over the top, causes the golfer more compensations in the downswing than any other; standing up, opening the face, releasing too early (more about that in another lesson) and losing balance are all a result of coming “over the top.”

It won’t be easy to lose this bad habit, but you can do it with a teacher who understands the problem.

Good Luck!
Dennis Clark
PGA Master Professional
Director of Golf
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Sales and Marketing
The Great Chase, Teambuilding at Nemacolin

On the beautiful Sunday, August 23, 2009, morning Nemacolin facilitated one of our best teambuilding events called the Great Chase. This program is awesome in how dynamic it can be for groups. Whatever the demographic may be of the participants, there is something for everyone. Groups are split up into teams, given a map and their first clue. The “Chase” takes them all over our property and they compete an activity at each location. Whether it was climbing a cargo net, paddle boating, rock climbing or putting together a puzzle, the event can be customized to fit the needs of any group.

Each Great Chase is different and customized in its own way. Getting to know the group, their goals, and the make up of the participants help Nemacolin customize each event. All the activities are scored and put together at the end for a final score so winners can be determined. Although this gets disputed many times by competitive people who demand recounts, it is fun for everyone even if you don’t win.

This teambuilding event is just one of the many events we conduct on a regular basis. Whether it is a Scavenger Hunt, Traditional Teambuilding Initiatives, Boat Regatta’s, Off Road Driving Hunts, or Soap Box Derby’s, anything can be done. Our limit is no limit and if you can think it, we can create it. Every group needs teambuilding whether it is a group that is unfamiliar with each other, or a group that has been together for years. Bring your next teambuilding event and create lifelong memories while building important relationships to make your workplace productive.

Eric McElhone
Activity Sales Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Sales and Marketing
How To Go From A 13 Handicap To A 22 In One Year!

Golf Advice (or not!): How to go from a 13 handicap to a 22 in one year!

Well fellow golf fans and addicts, the PGA will brag about ways to improve that swing and shave strokes off your score but not I! In fact, I have added a good 8-10 strokes to my game per 18 holes in a bit less than a year. How did I accomplish such a feat you ask? Well let me give you some very useless and unhelpful hints, consider it my Top 10!

#10 Do not have a drink in 14+ months.

#9 Gain 15 lbs and see just how inflexible you really are!!

#8 Fall right into the worst recession in US History.

#7 Try selling high end corporate outings at a resort when there are "those" that have waged war on the banking and finance industry as well as the automotive industry, just to name a few.

#6 Come home one day to find your 15 year old son has ear rings in each ear!

#5 Leave that blackberry on while on the golf course and constantly check your messages throughout the round.

#4 Notice that your credit rating scores are dropping unlike your golf game… ouch!

#3 You gave up the Titleist Golf Balls for range balls.

#2 You realized that golf clubs do not float when thrown into a lake nor do they come back when thrown like a boomerang.

And the #1 way to go from a 13 handicap to a 22 in one year... You get winded driving a golf cart!

Stay tuned for more useless hints from that old resort sales guy!!

New - Nemacolin Harvest Collection!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is proud to announce the launch of the NEW Nemacolin Harvest Collection. A line of quality, ingredient driven gourmet products which feature Tavern Salsa, Tangy Honey BBQ Sauce and Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette.

The creation of all three products was a brainstorm by Nemacolin's award wining food and beverage team. Executive Chef, Jeremy Critchfield explains, "Starting out we wanted to find the perfect way for our guests to take a piece of Nemacolin home with them and help them remember the memories they made here. Naturally I felt food was the best way to achieve this goal."

Chef Critchfield chose the three products after much debate, as they were determined easy to use and spoke to the atmosphere of casual elegance our guests come here for time after time. The food and beverage team spent over a year tasting and testing the new Nemacolin Harvest line of products. "We hand picked every ingredient; from the most perfect jalapenos for the Tavern Salsa, the ripest tomatoes for the Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette to the perfect balance of spices for our Tangy Honey BBQ," Chef Critchfield explains.

Each one of the Nemacolin Harvest products are made with the same commitment to quality from scratch cooking we have in our resort's restaurant collection. Products from the Nemacolin Harvest Collection can be purchased 24/7 Online or by visiting Nemacolin's shopping outlets, Heritage Court and the Sundry Shop.

From our kitchens to yours to enjoy with family and friends throughout the year!

The River "Y"

Took a few guests out to the Youghiogheny River on Wednesday, August 5. Water 1020 cfs and 56.5 degrees coming out of the dam. We fished from 9am-12pm on a mostly sunny afternoon. My guests had never picked up a rod before so the first hour we worked on our casting techniques.

They learned the basic roll cast which is the most effective way to cast on the “Yough.” They picked up on it very quickly and each one missed a fish within the first hour. There were numerous insects coming off the water including; Slate Drakes, Green Caddis, Yellow Stonefly’s and a number of small midges. We had most of our action on a #12 Copper John but missed a few on top as well.

For those of you who have never been on the “Yough” before, it is a bottom release tail water that stays cool all summer long when most of the other local streams get too warm for trout. This river contains some of the biggest trout in the east coast for the angler to cast too. We got the big one in the picture on a size # 18 Adams Catskill imitation. It was the first fish the client ever caught! What a way to spend a relaxing day in the Laurel Highlands.
The best fishing on the Youghiogheny is still to be had in the next couple of months. The brown trout will start spawning in the fall and get very aggressive. This is the time of year to throw gigantic streamers for huge fish. Let us know if you are interested in catching one of these leviathans!

-Matt Grobe, Recreation Manager



The new TOMCAR Experience at the Off Road Driving Academy has taken Nemacolin by storm! You can’t help but ask questions when you see one of these vehicles flying by. If you have driven a Hummer on Nemacolin’s Off Road Course, you know the terrain. The 17 miles of trails is rough, steep, dirty and filled with rocks, obstacles and water. In a Hummer, your speed doesn’t get above 5-8 miles per hour through the rough terrain. TOMCARS handle the same terrain at over 20 miles per hour!

The trails have been modified to provide one of the most thrilling experiences you can have in an off-road vehicle. Mud, water, rock, steeps, whatever the challenge, the TOMCAR handles it all and FAST! The experience is hard to describe, but the video helps sum up the excitement.

Anyway, check out the video and read a few quotes from Nemacolin guests last week. Want to take a ride? Book your trip using our Stay Planner. Click to the Activities section and scroll down to the Off Road Driving Academy.

“I can’t believe how dirty I got! It was awesome!” - David P. from Rockville, MD

“Absolutely, better than any roller coaster!” – Steve J. from Hershey, PA

“Blew away the Hummer Experience” – Ken S. from Pittsburgh, PA

General, Sales and Marketing
Who Said It’s Too Late To Live Out Your Major League Dreams?

On August 12, 2009, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort will run onto the field at Nationals Park in Washington DC. A six inning slugfest will allow a quickly building roster for a once-in-a-lifetime sporting experience.

Dennis Noonan, Nemacolin’s Vice President of Sales and Tom Smith, Assistant Vice President of Sales will act as the two team player/managers. The early favorite would have to be Noonan’s hand selected team. Noonan ‘just missed’ playing major league baseball and was regarded as a top* Division II relief pitcher with a filthy knuckleball while at St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, IN.

Teams will be pitching in the bullpen, snagging fly balls and taking some cuts in the batting cages during warm-up. At 12:30 p.m. the fun will begin with members of the Nationals’ organization serving as umpires and Nationals’ batting practice pitchers will be on the pitchers mound.

The jerseys are stitched and nearly ready to be hung in the lockers, but as you can guess…. there will be more to come as the game gets closer.

Plus, Nemacolin has launched a Major League Dream Contest and will select one winner to join them on August 12, 2009 to play in the six inning game. Click Here to sign-up today!

Hey, Big Leagues... Nemacolin can’t wait to take to the field and play ball!

Sales and Marketing
Smiling Rules!

One of the biggest compliments a customer can give you is the ability to send them information. When a customer gives you their name, email, address or other forms of data, consider yourself lucky. They trust you, like your product and want to hear from you.

Companies can keep mounds and mounds of data on customers, but if that data is not turned into information and that information not given to the right people, it is wasted. Your employees on the front lines dealing with the customers are the ones who need the information and the information needs to be digestible to them. Or, your IT and Marketing departments have wasted a lot of time, energy and money.

The gaming industry has been considered one of the best in terms of customer data and using that data to drive “loyalty.” Casinos bank on “loyalty” being connected to a number. You have a worth to the casino and their sales and marketing programs are based on that worth. Earning reward “points” or other forms of reimbursement driven by the amount of money you spend is the driver to keep you “loyal”. “Why would you go anywhere else when you have all these points and promotions at my casino?”

But, I always thought that there should be a lot more to it than that. “Points” don’t create loyal customers. People, experience and a feeling of comfort create a connection with customers and that connection makes a customer loyal to your product.

The best place to watch the building blocks of “loyalty” in action is at the local Tavern. Great bartenders have it down and their livelihoods depend on it. They know what your favorite drink is and they are quick to strike up a conversation. Their loyal customers return day after day. Granted, they don’t have the massive amounts of data to process into information that most large companies do, but you can learn a lot from those simple interactions.

Customers want to earn smiles, acknowledgement and recognition. In return they will spend money with you. If a company wants to give them a few “points” for spending money, I’m sure they will like that as well. But don’t forget which one comes first.

Let There Be Rock!

The new TOMCARS arrived last night and our staff is excited to train today and tomorrow and have them ready for guests by the weekend. If you are coming to Nemacolin this weekend, you HAVE to try the new TOMCAR adventures through the mountains of the Laurel Highlands and on the man made obstacles along the Off Road Driving Academy.

Unique. Unmatched. Extraordinary. TOMCAR has all these qualities and many more. From its origins as a fast, tough, off road military vehicle, TOMCAR has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile machine fit for commercial and private use in the most demanding conditions.

Unlike mass-market ATVs and UTVs, TOMCAR is designed and built to a professional grade standard, with a design that uses the highest quality materials and components. From its immensely strong, fully-welded steel tube chassis to its heavy duty four-wheel independent suspension, the USA-built TOMCAR is designed to be safe, rugged and extremely dependable.

Powered by a choice of efficient, reliable gasoline or diesel engines, TOMCAR brings together the core values of an all terrain vehicle that is unmatched in the market. With its low center of gravity, long suspension travel, low vehicle weight and high ground clearance, TOMCAR is fast, maneuverable and drives like no other off-road vehicle. TOMCAR truly can go ANYWHERE AND BACK™.

Check out this TOMCAR video and book your trip today by clicking here! See you this weekend!

Blood, Sweat, and Gears to all……….

Woke up this morning to a “Blue Bird” day at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa. The only thing to do was saddle up on my bike and hit the gnarly single track at the Adventure Center.

The “Yellow Loop” as they call it was a very technical 1.7-mile joy ride through the hardwood forests of the Laurel Highlands. The trail starts out by the resort's Greenhouse and continues on a paved road towards the Maples Townhomes. Once you enter the woods you encounter wickedly awesome rock gardens that send vibrations up and down your body as you traverse the rock covered grounds. An expert? Test your balance skills on our “Fun Box” at the top. After a few attempts, I continued to cruise my way through the grassy meadows of the ski slopes. In my opinion, the views from this section of the trail are by far among the best. I would recommend allowing yourself a moment here to catch a breather and relax while taking in the views.

The final .9 miles is back in the hardwoods for single-track action. There are numerous log crossings and rock gardens to conquer. Heed the warning, the last .5 miles is a steady uphill climb that will keep your lungs bumping and calves burning.

Needless to say the ride had everything to offer from majestic views to a challenging single-track. Definitely a must ride when you go to Nemacolin!

Blood, Sweat, and Gears to all……….

Matt Grobe

Activities Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Another Day In The Life At Nemacolin!

Another Day in the Life at Nemacolin!

Monday afternoon, one of Nemacolin's resident Black Bears thought the weather was just too nice to stay home. Beardinine managed to pull and claw her way out of her enclosure into the holding pen area and seemed to be going for more! In the end, she decided to stay home with a little coaxing and some bribes from Nemacolin's talented Animal Program Team.

They are notoriously curious animals and if you have ever witnessed the Black Bears at Nemacolin playing in their pool, you would understand.

Mandy Burnsworth, Nemacolin's Animal Curator, said "Last week it was catching baby bison and finding out our female lion will be giving birth soon, this week it is a fugitive black bear. I really love my job!"

You really never know what could be around the next corner at Nemacolin.

Nemacolin Entertaining in Washington, D.C.

Just returned from a great trip to Washington, D.C. All over The Hill and back again meeting and greeting. Thanks to Jill Park, Jay Rosenberg, Barbie and Tim from Channel 7, The Politico, Gavin Coleman at the Dubliner Irish Pub and EVERYONE else who ran into the Nemacolin train!

Special thanks to Tom Smith, Nemacolin’s own AVP of Sales and Chief Indulgence Officer for snapping a picture of Tiger on #1 at Congressional while we were entertaining clients yesterday during the AT&T National.

In case you forgot, Tiger is not a big fan of cameras going off during his swing. In CLASSIC Tiger fashion, he looked our way and we suddenly had to leave (although he did birdie). Nemacolin always goes out with a bang! And, all our clients at the event couldn’t stop texting us on the way home to make fun. Friends for life.

But none the less, it was a great trip and we needed to get back to take care of all our fantastic guests on a sold out 4th of July Weekend!

Summertime Libations!

Welcome to summer! The perfect time to relax and partake in the simple joys of life, family and friends. As a 12 year trainee in hospitality, I have taken a particular fondness to the world of "libations." A fondness I want to share with you.

There is a very simple way to stock your home bar: buy fresh and go for quality over quantity. Please remember, of course, that your friends and family are all individuals and your palate preference should not be forced upon them.

As for the alcohol, the must have spirits that should be found in your summer time bar include, but are not limited to, a wheat beer, a sauvignon blanc, vodka, rum and gin. The brand names of these products are up to you, but remember, go for quality over quantity.

For each cocktail you will need a certain on hand inventory of mixer's. The must have mixer's that should be found in your summer time bar include, tonic water, soda water, fresh limes, fresh lemons, fresh oranges, Bloody Mary mix, orange juice and cranberry juice.

If you are like me and you want to be able to enjoy the company of others over libations use these recipes to keep your friends coming.

BEER: Go with a wheat beer. Bavarian hefe weisse is the ultimate way to go when looking for that summer time brew. In German, hefe means “yeast” and weisse means “wheat,” and
Bavarian Hefe-Weizen beers are exactly that, unfiltered, yeasty wheat ales. Brewer’s yeast is the active culture that produces alcohol in beer and is usually filtered out when spent. Keeping the yeast in the brew gives Hefe-Weizen beers their distinctive haze and their incredible flavor.

WINE: Acidity is your friend. Sauvignon blanc, especially from South Africa is the savior of summer time oenophiles. The secret is in the balance, Sauvignon Blanc is light to medium body with grassy and citrus flavors, usually lower alcohol, but it also has fairly high acids. Sauvignon blanc from South Africa, New Zealand or Graves are all very smart choices for the patio barbecue.

VODKA: As neutral as vodka is, sparing the summer friendly flavored vodkas, you can get away with anything. So let's think sunshine and add vodka to it!

'Sage Lady'

- 1 1/2 oz Vodka
- 1/2 oz Mango Juice
- 2 or 3 fresh sage leaves
- 3 cucumber slices
- 1 oz simple syrup
- 1/2 oz triple sec
- Dash bitters

Muddle cucumber, simple syrup and sage. Add vodka and mango juice. Shake with ice and fine strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a spanked sage leaf and a cucumber wheel.

RUM: The signal of summertime. Let's go straight forward with making a cocktail using many of the same ingredients above.

'Cucumber Mojito'
- 1 1/2 oz Silver Rum
- 8 mint leaves
- 2 slices of cucumber
- 1 tbsp Simple Syrup
- juice of 1/2 lime
- 2 oz soda water

Place mint leaves and cucumbers in bottom of glass with simple syrup. Add crushed ice, silver rum, and lime juice to blender and muddle. Add soda water and garnish with mint leaves.

GIN: This one is simple. Everyone thinks they hate gin. But it is delicious and has so many flavors to offer.

'East-Side Cocktail'
- 1 1/2 oz gin
- 8 mint leaves
- 1 tbsp Simple Syrup
- juice of 1 lime
- 2 oz soda water

Place mint leaves in bottom of glass with simple syrup and lime juice. Muddle together to extract as much mint as possible. Shake vigorously with all parts except soda water. Strain into cocktail glass and add soda.

There it is, the swill of summertime! Remember when using fresh ingredients and quality products you can have fun on your own creating punches, sangria, daiquiri's and colada's. ALL perfect for the patio dweller in you.

Adam Greiner
Assistant Director of Food & Beverage
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Why can’t you fix that old, broken down swing?

I always enjoy going to the range and watching new players. They get a golf club, a bucket of balls and head to the tee. After some minutes of trying to fathom how to hold this alien object, and stand in such a way that there seems to be at least a fighting chance of reaching the ball, they are ready to hit the ball.

The first few swings are always predictable. They miss the ball, dig up turf, hit ground balls, shanks, you name it. But suddenly and without warning, they hit the ball and it goes in the air somewhere in the direction of the target! WOW, and at that very moment something very powerful happens in their sporting life... they become a golfer!

They were not golfers when they were missing the ball or hitting it on the ground, but now they have joined the fold. Now I’m not sure anyone would sponsor them on the PGA Tour at this point, but by definition of the game, they are officially golfers! Unfortunately, this is a bittersweet moment. The positive reinforcement that we all get from the golf ball behaving as it should, might be the curse of every single one of us. The new player is convinced that the series of motions they just went through HAD to be correct, because the golf ball behaved.

Motor skill learning is highly dependent on reinforcement, so the golfer repeats what were essentially a series of errors. The golfer who raises a foot above the ball in their backswing for example and drops down exactly a foot in the downswing will run into the ball... ON THAT SWING! Unfortunately, their chances of repeating that swing are poor at best. How compelling are those early efforts? Well after 30 years of teaching the game, I believe that at least some of them stay with us for the rest of our golfing life, even if we become expert players!

That is why golfers need guidance and professional instruction. The game, the actual act of hitting a golf ball is so counter intuitive that I know of few people who can teach themselves to do it well. It is the professional’s responsibility to let you know that although the result of a particular swing was successful, the process of achieving it may not have been. It is paradoxical, often confounding, and I see far too many people who give it up before they try to learn it the right way. Once the reinforcement kicks in and the old bad habits are entrenched in the swing it is difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of them completely.

Is this a doomsday forecast? Not really. The professional instructor can work with what you have and help you hit the ball better. This is what I refer to as a compensation lesson and I do them all the time. We are essentially trying to “balance your personal equation." But there is no substitute for learning the game the right way from the beginning.

Dennis Clark
PGA Master Professional
Director of Golf
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Golf Tip - Are you trying to smell the ball or hit it?

One of the truly great myths perpetrated about the game of golf is “keep your head down." This single tip has ruined more golf swings than any advice ever given! Not only does it wreck your swing, it hurts your neck. By the time I see people for a lesson, I’m not sure if they’re trying to smell the ball or hit it! I usually ask my students to stand up straighter because I’m worried that all the blood will rush to their head and they will faint even before the lesson begins!

The worst of all, of course, is when you top the ball all the way down the 9th hole. You stop for a hot dog at the turn, and the attendant says something like: “Hey, Mr. Clark, I saw you struggling to get the ball in the air there on 9; maybe you should try keeping your head down”! It is truly embarrassing when the hot dog vendor has to give you tips!

Keeping eye contact with the golf ball is important but don’t misinterpret that to mean “keep your head down." It ruins your posture, and limits your ability to turn your shoulders in the backswing. Keep your chin off your chest while looking at the ball during address. This will enable you to be more athletic and free up your body to pivot properly. It also helps your balance; obsessing on keeping your head down will make you “top heavy” and you will lose balance.

Have fun, relax and enjoy this wonderful game. And for good golf’s sake…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

Dennis Clark
PGA Master Professional
Director of Golf
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


Welcome to the Nemacolin Blog. When we were building the new web site, everyone said you have to have a blog, a RSS feed, a Twitter account, a Podcast and various other “social networking” mediums I had just barely heard of. So, I simply shook my head and agreed.

When it comes down to it though, social networking vehicles are just the newest forms of communication. And, I am really excited about the ideas that will drive our blog at Nemacolin. Here, you will not find the newest packages or events we are planning at the resort. The new website provides plenty of opportunity for that. The idea behind our blog is to tap into the minds of our innovative and talented associates. Whether it is a new recipe from the youngest Mobil Five Star chef in the world, Dave Racicot, a tip to shave a stroke or two off your handicap from PGA Master Professional Dennis Clark or a philosophy on motivating and rewarding your employees from our Director of Sales Dennis Noonan, you will find all the posts here very useful and applicable to your life.

In the hospitality industry, no form of communication will ever replace the face-to-face interaction that creates the relationships to drive our business. And, I am very glad for that. For some reason, those little emoticons just don’t bring the same joy I get when I see a family smiling after their trip. Maybe that is somewhat old fashioned, but in this case, I can live with that. Thanks for listening and enjoy our new blog.

Trey Matheu
General Manager