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Golf Tip - Are you trying to smell the ball or hit it?

One of the truly great myths perpetrated about the game of golf is “keep your head down." This single tip has ruined more golf swings than any advice ever given! Not only does it wreck your swing, it hurts your neck. By the time I see people for a lesson, I’m not sure if they’re trying to smell the ball or hit it! I usually ask my students to stand up straighter because I’m worried that all the blood will rush to their head and they will faint even before the lesson begins!

The worst of all, of course, is when you top the ball all the way down the 9th hole. You stop for a hot dog at the turn, and the attendant says something like: “Hey, Mr. Clark, I saw you struggling to get the ball in the air there on 9; maybe you should try keeping your head down”! It is truly embarrassing when the hot dog vendor has to give you tips!

Keeping eye contact with the golf ball is important but don’t misinterpret that to mean “keep your head down." It ruins your posture, and limits your ability to turn your shoulders in the backswing. Keep your chin off your chest while looking at the ball during address. This will enable you to be more athletic and free up your body to pivot properly. It also helps your balance; obsessing on keeping your head down will make you “top heavy” and you will lose balance.

Have fun, relax and enjoy this wonderful game. And for good golf’s sake…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

Dennis Clark
PGA Master Professional
Director of Golf
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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