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Welcome to the Nemacolin Blog. When we were building the new web site, everyone said you have to have a blog, a RSS feed, a Twitter account, a Podcast and various other “social networking” mediums I had just barely heard of. So, I simply shook my head and agreed.

When it comes down to it though, social networking vehicles are just the newest forms of communication. And, I am really excited about the ideas that will drive our blog at Nemacolin. Here, you will not find the newest packages or events we are planning at the resort. The new website provides plenty of opportunity for that. The idea behind our blog is to tap into the minds of our innovative and talented associates. Whether it is a new recipe from the youngest Mobil Five Star chef in the world, Dave Racicot, a tip to shave a stroke or two off your handicap from PGA Master Professional Dennis Clark or a philosophy on motivating and rewarding your employees from our Director of Sales Dennis Noonan, you will find all the posts here very useful and applicable to your life.

In the hospitality industry, no form of communication will ever replace the face-to-face interaction that creates the relationships to drive our business. And, I am very glad for that. For some reason, those little emoticons just don’t bring the same joy I get when I see a family smiling after their trip. Maybe that is somewhat old fashioned, but in this case, I can live with that. Thanks for listening and enjoy our new blog.

Trey Matheu
General Manager


Steven Seghers said...

congratulations on the new launch - the website looks fantastic!

One By One said...

Welcome to the madness..err world of social media. I am happy to see that you are diving into the deep end of the pool. Let me know if you need anything or if I can help you with any questions. We veterans and evangelists of social media are here with open arms. Of and if I ever get over there, maybe I can get in a round of golf!

exskindiver said...

We just got back from a fantastic time at Nemacolin.
(Sept 24th-Sept 27th 2009)

Let me share our pictures from our 16th anniversary weekend.
The rain did not stop us from having the best time ever.

Thank you.


Nemacolin Woodlands Resort said...


Thank you so much for the comment and for sharing your photos from your recent Nemacolin trip. We are pleased to hear you enjoyed your getaway and congratulations on your 16th anniversary!

If you want to share your photos with others feel free to share on Nemacolin's Facebook page. Also, we have a NEW - We Love Our Guests web page:

Please let us know if you would be willing to share your favorite picture and a quote and we would be happy to post!

Thank you again and we look forward to welcoming you back to Nemacolin!

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