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Associates of the Month
Nemacolin Associates of the Month

At Nemacolin Woodlands Resort we pride ourselves in recognizing the associates that make Nemacolin the world-class resort it is. When we ask our guests for feedback during their stay, responses include a variety of experiences regarding our accommodations, dining and amenities. However, the number one response we receive from our guests revolve around customer service, the way we made a guest feel, how a particular associate made their day or stay just that much better and even how a particular associate is on the list of reasons for why they return to our resort.

Please take a moment and join Nemacolin in recognizing our Associates of the Month. Thank you associates!

Associates of the Month

Front of the House
Beth Guthrie - The WildSide

Heart of the House
Rachel Kreger - Accounting

Rising Star of the Month
Dawn Bodes - Reservations

Leader of the Month

Lori Smith - Food & Beverage

Leadership Is About Caring

It was evident this week when we went to Mystic Mountain to check on Terence and his company. Terence bought Mystic Mountain for the day, which means he has all of the slopes and Wild Pete's Tubing Park exclusively for his regional team of managers.

He cares. It's no wonder his region repeatedly sets new corporate financial goals.

As usual, caring was evident in the Nemacolin team as well. When we walked over to the tubing park, most everyone from Terence's company had left and Mike, Shea and Justin were sending tubes down to the bottom of the hill. "That's odd!" we thought. Why was the Snow Operations team doing that when everyone was finished and heading to the WildSide for some more fun?

Mike walked up and said, "You know we have a lot of guests still playing paintball (the field is located below and a several hundred yards away from our tubing park) and we were thinking they were going to be pretty tired, they have been down there a while now. We are going to go over to the field and surprise them. They can get a free ride back up the hill this way."


And as we were walking back to the parking lot, here came Ben with Jackie on the back of the snowmobile. Jackie does all of the planning for the group. As she smiled ear to ear she said, "Tom, take our picture! We are having a blast! You guys think of everything."

Actually Jackie, we just smile a lot and take pictures. The amazing team at Nemacolin takes care of the rest.

Tom Smith
Vice President of Sales
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Are You Hugging “Them*” Enough?

No. Not enough. You try, but it isn’t enough. “They*” are doing more with less and “they*” deserve recognition and praise. I know, stuff comes up. Travel gets in the way. Meetings pop up because… you are also doing more with less. Make the time!

Make “them*” aware of your appreciation. You can squeeze in a quick call, text or email. Or make the time to buy “them*” lunch or a drink. Remember, you are nothing without “them.*”

* Insert any of the following for “Them” and “They”: Associates, Family, Wives, Husbands, Kids, Moms, Dads, Pets, Treadmills, Books, Music, Mountains, Rivers, Oceans and anything else that contributes to your success.

Chris Plummer
General Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Activities, General
Some Friends Stop By!

Looking for some outdoor fun? Be sure to check out Mystic Mountain this weekend!
Above average snowfall, paired with our snowmaking efforts have created fantastic ski conditions. The weather forecast is calling for warmer temperatures going into this weekend, so expect the feeling of early spring skiing at its best!

Check out video from last weekend's snowfall. Some friends stop by!

To schedule your Mystic Mountain activities please contact a Resort Sales Specialist at 866.344.6957.