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Associates of the Month, General
Congratulations To Our Associates Of The Month

Congratulations to our Associates of the month!  Join us as we say "thank you" to these Associates for their devotion, dedication and hard work.  We appreciate you!

Jim Winter - Engineering
"Over the past few weeks Engineering has been shorthanded.  Jim has worked double shifts, come in on his day off and has never said NO. When I ask him, 'Can you help me out,' his reply is 'Whatever you need, I'm here for you.'  I'm glad that I can count on Jim and his dedication to the team!"

Keri Fields - Woodlands Spa
"Keri helped us put together a spa party and allowed the spa to use her campgrounds for a teambuilding activity. She has also volunteered a lot during downtime to help with various activities."

Jeff Summerson - Engineering
"Jeff is an all-around great guy and a hard worker.  He is prompt to respond, and is always pleasant.  He is genuine and always takes a minute to chat and ask everyone how they are doing. He also is very consistent with follow-up, making sure that anything that is wrong get's fixed in a timely manner."

Melanie Sarver - Associate Housing / Engineering
"Melanie has done an amazing job with Associate Housing!  She stays after work almost every evening getting these units together for associates.  It has been a couple of crazy months, especially with the new flooring and appliances being installed.  I feel she deserves the recognition for making housing what it has become!"

A Holiday of Heroes in The Burgh

Unspeakable words come to my mind when thinking of our heroes that have sacrificed everything since the inception of the Iraqi and Afghan war.  This is the only war I truly know (and somewhat understand) only being 33 years old.  And it’s a war that has seen local heroes perish from Western Pennsylvania, three of which are from the very high school I graduated from.  I don’t know how to react to these untimely deaths, these war-stricken, yet life-saving acts of heroism.  I feel immense pride and a sense of sadness at the same time…two emotions that don’t sit calmly in the root of my guts.  More than anything, I think these emotions rise up from the moral fabrics that have been instilled in me being from "The ‘Burgh; a sense of brotherhood, family, togetherness and modesty."  If you haven’t been born and raised in this great city, you may not understand, but it’s an unwritten rule in all of the little neighborhoods that border the three rivers; work hard, learn humility and smile above all else.  The city of Pittsburgh got word early Monday morning (12/10/12) that we lost another brother.  It’s time to grieve the lost, but it’s also time to smile, remember and salute the heroes that have grown up in Western Pennsylvania.

From Pennsylvania, since 2003 until today, there have been 196 casualties in Iraq and 83 in Afghanistan, half of which (more or less) are from the Pittsburgh region. On September 15 of this year, Pittsburgh lost yet another serviceman; Marine Lt. Col. Christopher Raible of North Huntingdon and graduate of Norwin High School. The latest just hit the news yesterday; Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas David Checque (Seal Team Six) of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Norwin High School, as well, was killed during an early Sunday mission to rescue Dr. Dilip Joseph who was kidnapped by Taliban fighters. This was all I could think about yesterday, lying in bed last night and immediately when I woke up this morning. But it’s not about me or my emotions or how I feel. I honestly feel bad constantly typing in the letter “I” as much as I (and again) have so far as these thoughts and words take shape onto this computer screen. This is about the lives that have been dramatically changed forever; the families, fellow soldiers and the friends of the fallen.

Marine Lt. Col.
Christopher Raible
Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque

I didn’t know Christopher or Nicolas, I don’t know their family or their friends but what I do know is that their loved ones are hurting right now.  I’ve seen it personally from the tragic loss of my childhood friend, SSgt, Special Agent David Wieger, KIA 11/1/2007, also a graduate of Norwin High School.  Maybe that’s why I felt a need to write this piece, it’s therapy for me because it hits home, now three separate times.

SSgt., Special Agent David Wieger
We read or hear the phrase “local hero” nearly every day in the media about nearly any sort of emotional, life-saving act, whatever it may have been.  That phrase doesn’t really hit a person’s soul and being until that “local hero” is actually from your local hometown.  Whether you directly know that person or know someone that knows someone that knows that person, you immediately feel a sense of closeness and are inspired to come together one way or another and celebrate the accomplishments of that local hero, and in the case of our local war heroes, you celebrate the good they have done, the people they were and the morals they strived to live for on a daily basis. 
As we move in closer to the Holiday Season and settle in with our families and friends, let’s not forget the true meaning of the holidays; celebrate the ones we love, remember the ones we’ve lost and salute the ones that have died fighting the good fight.

Happy Holidays to all.
Ryan Carmen
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Golf Operations Manager

Unveiling Our NEW Gingerbread Castle

Guests have come to expect the sweet smells of baked goods and candy that linger in our Chateau Lafayette Lobby as our Gingerbread House display has become part of the Nemacolin Holiday tradition.  What guests find to be unexpected is the feeling of anticipation as they wait for the unveiling of each year's gingerbread creation.  We have featured a life-sized house, village, dollhouse and more, all made from gingerbread and candies, but this year the Nemacolin Food & Beverage team worked 200 hours to present our Gingerbread Castle!




A special thank you to our associates that worked on creating this year's Gingerbread Castle:
Sheena Husar, Alicia Fallas, David Sampson, Brittany Wertz, Kayla Derbish, Josh Lind, Courtney Zito, Christina Crouse, Cassandra Patridge, Ashley Drummund, Abigail Kuhn, Isaac Ortiz, Krystal Jennings,  Jake Juricich, Banquet Set-Up and Banquet Prop Team.

The wooden frame was completed by Ed Wood, Owner of Woodco Contracting, Inc.

Executive Pastry Chef Scott Tennant oversaw this year's project.

“Deck the Halls” – The Gallery Halls that is!

The holidays are a special time of year, especially here at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. With an unexpected snowfall due to Hurricane Sandy, you can be assured that the resort is already freshly blanketed with a crystalline coating where autumn leaves once laid. It is that period between seasons when time seems to stand still just long enough for our little elves start decking the halls in preparation for this beloved holiday season.

Like thieves in the night, our elves pillage secret storage areas and transform this mountain retreat into a winter oasis that even Santa himself would envy. Wreaths and garland go up in halls and on windows. Twinkling lights illuminate the dark, cold nights outside as the ovens warm up inside in preparation for our Chateau Lobby Gingerbread House. You can expect the smells of warm brown sugar and cinnamon to linger like a magical yuletide wave beckoning you back. Evergreens pop up in every lobby possible, acting as a reminder that our whimsical spirit is alive even in the coldest months. Each tree, with its unique display of ornaments, has become a signature feature of our holiday season décor. In light of this newly realized tradition, you can expect that we would not just stop there.

In addition to our holiday décor, our guests have come to expect to find the Hardy Family Art Collection all year long. And, in one hallway in particular, guests can expect an ever changing display of artwork – our Nemacolin Galleries hallway between the Academie du Vin and the Chateau Signature boutique. Here, regional artists share their gifts and talents in a series of seasonal exhibits. So, why not combine this artistic endeavor with a new holiday tradition. One that embodies the magical spirit of the holidays; that showcases local artistic talent; and that takes that holiday ornament tradition here to a new level. Why not “Deck the Halls” of the Nemacolin Galleries!? Oh, wait – that’s exactly what we plan to do!

During your holiday stay this year, as the gingerbread aroma leads you from the Chateau through The Lodge, you will find the gallery hall decked out with unique handmade ornaments and winter scenes. Our elves have searched high and low for some of the most talented ornament artists in our region. Each has their own style that, much like Nemacolin, offers “something for everyone.”  From felt elves by Nicole Golden and quilted bulbs inspired by the Kansas prairie by Darlene Anderson, to a collection of ceramic ornaments by Becky Keck and Jan McAllister and the return of Cynthia Grant’s hand-painted porcelain, you may find yourself wanting to start your own holiday ornament tradition. And, painters Ray Forquer and Dan Marsula will delight you as you gaze upon their pristine winter landscapes, so much that you might forget you’re not looking out a window upon the snow-covered Laurel Highlands.

The “Deck the Halls” Holiday Art Show will open during our Thanksgiving holiday weekend and continue through New Years. With our holiday season in full swing, we invite you to meet some of the artists on Saturday, November 24, 2012, in the gallery. We’re sure you will find an ornament that will speak to your own individual whimsy. This is just the first of the annual ornament showcases, and we look forward to welcoming you back each year to build your collection in remembrance of your holidays here with us.

For more information on the “Deck the Halls” Holiday Art Show, or to see examples of the artwork and learn more about our artist, please visit our Special Events page, or contact Brenda Girod at 724.329.6481 or by email at

General, Leadership, Nemacolin Gives Back
Make This A Helping Holiday

It all began about two weeks ago when I walked past the television and caught a glimpse of a commercial featuring Santa. I had no idea the jolly old elf was already in town.  That knot in my throat, breaking out in a cold sweat feeling of pre-holiday panic began to set in and had a firm grip on my psyche and my dreams.  Work projects and family obligations have had me on the run for the last few weekends and the increasing trails of dust and mounting piles of clutter at the house were weighing heavy on my mind and I envisioned being featured prominently on the next season of Hoarders.  With so much to do just to return to some sense of domestic normalcy, how in the world would I ever manage extra preparations for the holiday season?  When could I hope to begin the deep cleaning that I associate with this time of the year or begin to bake for family and friends?  And shopping?   I might as well just wave the white flag of surrender and resign myself to the fact that I simply might not have the time to bake everyone’s favorite delicacy this year or hang that extra string of lights that brings a special glow to the living room.

Then, this past Sunday, while contemplating my annual dilemma and formulating this season’s shopping strategies, my holiday stress suddenly dissipated.  I was pulling the pre-pre-pre-holiday toy circular from the local paper when I noticed a photo on the front page that struck every Christmas chord in my body and forced me to take stock of what is truly important during the holidays and every day.  That solitary image of total devastation from the Breezy Point neighborhood borough of Queens made me realize that my holiday preparations, no matter how hectic and hurried, would be very different from those of our neighbors in many northeast communities.  Instead of fretting about a clean home or a special glow, they will be searching through rubble in the spot where they placed their tree last December.  They will not be worrying about the number of Christmas cookies they bake but agonizing over how they will continue to feed their families.  These neighbors will not be hanging holiday lights but concentrating on finding warm and safe shelter for their children and explaining to those very same children how Santa will find them this year…if he finds them at all.

This should be a very different holiday season for each and every one of us whether we were in the direct path of Superstorm Sandy or many miles away in communities untouched and unharmed.  At Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, we are committed to aid in the recovery efforts as a handful of our associates will be traveling to affected neighborhoods to volunteer their time and to deliver supplies to those in such incredible need.  Knowing just how generous and caring our amazing guests can be, we are certain that many have already contributed to the massive relief efforts along the eastern seaboard and we humbly ask that everyone reading this consider a donation of time or supplies if they are able.  We have learned of a number of items that are in great demand and we are placing collection receptacles at the Concierge Desk with plans to ship the contents to a New Jersey community near Ocean City.  If you live in our region or are visiting us within the next month, we hope that you will join us in our efforts and bring one or two of the requested items to help us help those whose holidays have forever changed.

Needed Items
  • Dish Washing Detergent (small sizes)
  • Cleaning Supplies (small sizes)
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers
  • Baby Wash
  • New Linens
  • Non-Perishable Food (dry milk)
  • Juice
Zelma Kassimer
Director of Marketing and Guest Relations Manager

Associates of the Month, General
Nemacolin Associates Of The Month...

It is that time... when we come together and recognize the many bright and shining all-stars that make up our Nemacolin Customer Service Team.  Our Associates of the Month have been chosen by their peers, supervisors and / or Managers for a variety of reason including their work ethic, attitudes, character and customer service skills.  We congratulate this Month's associates and thank them all for their dedication to our Resort.  Below are our winners and a sampling of their Nomination Letters.

Micheal Jordan - Turfgrass

"Mike is a very hard worker.  When he sets out to complete a job assignment he gets it done and is ready for his next job.  We appreciate everything Mike has done and will continue to perform throughout the remainder of the season."


Clyde (Thomas) Bushmire - Golf Department


"Clyde has a unique personality that ALL guests (golfers) enjoy.  He truly cares about our guests' experience on and off the course.  He is consistently 
positively remarked upon on golf’s comment cards (that are placed on each golf cart)."


Sarah Cook - The Nemacolin Field Club

"Sarah is the centerpiece that holds everything together at the Shooting Academy.  Whether it is assisting group shoots on scoring their events as quickly as possible, being the first face customers see and making sure the communication with trappers is smooth, or any retail information, she does it all."

Aimee St. Clair - Conference and Catering

"Aimee did an awesome job with a recent group. It was their first time at Nemacolin and Aimee spent countless hours making sure all of their functions ran smooth. Even with ma
ny day-of changes, Aimee never skipped a beat in making sure all their needs were fulfilled. They were very happy upon the completion of their program and said everything was great. Kudos to Aimee for all of her hard work and smiling no matter what was happening around her."


Tavern and Paradise Pool

"Their determination, hard work, dedication and pride in the Tavern and Nemacolin are always unwavering.  Without a doubt the Tavern and Paradise Pool Associates deserve Team of the Quarter for exemplifying what it is to be a team and what Nemacolin stands for."

General, Retail
Order Now! The Holidays Will Be Here Soon...

This year's Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Limited Edition Ornament has much more symbolism as 2012 marks the Resort's Silver Anniversary.  What began as a 35 room hunting lodge with two tennis courts and a nine-hole golf course is now a 2,000 acre playground with 318 magnificent guestrooms, a world-class spa, field club, two championship golf courses, ski slopes and more than 15 restaurants and lounges.

Crafted especially for Nemacolin's 25th Anniversary, the 2012 holiday Ornament features a wreath of silver outlined in green garland encircling Nemacolin’s 25thAnniversary Logo. The perfect gift or keepsake to commemorate this special occasion in the history of Nemacolin.

To order your Nemacolin 2012 Holiday Ornament, please visit our online Nemacolin Shopping Experience or contact our Retail Department at 724.329.6014.

Fall Foliage
Fall Has Reached Peak Season At Nemacolin

Take a drive through our property and within seconds you will know one thing for sure... Fall is embracing the Laurel Highlands in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  If you have tuned into our Fall Foliage reports complete with pictures, you have witnessed the growth of the fall foliage which started in late September and has blossomed in this last week.  Official reports claim this area of Pennsylvania is currently in its Peak Season which was predicted to run October 9 - 15, 2012.  Here are some beautiful examples of the works of Mother Nature as she celebrates the Fall Season.

Come enjoy the beauty of Fall in Pennsylvania while Peak Season lasts.  What better excuse to join us soon than at our NEW RocktoberFest event which is scheduled for Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Bands and Brews... who needs more?  Learn all the Event Details by visiting our Events Schedule online.

Want to see more Nemacolin Fall Foliage Images?  Click Here.

Art Collection, General
Community Mural Collaboration at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Nemacolin is made up of nearly 2,000 acres of pristine property with a collections of unique buildings filled with eclectic art, dining and activities, all situated on the lush rolling hills of the Laurel Highlands. Everywhere guests look, there is something beautiful and inspiring. But, there is one part of the property that left much of that to be desired: The Chateau Associate Corridor.

A nearly 7,000 sq foot hallway, tucked away behind the scenes, this corridor is located in the lower lever of the Chateau Lafayette and is used by almost every Nemacolin associate at least twice a day as they come and go to work. Void of windows to the outdoors, this enclosed corridor houses associate lockers and back of the house offices.

DAY #1

Since the Chateau was built in 1997, long-time associate and current Director of Human Resources, Stephanie Miller, has imagined a mural in that space. Earlier this year, Daynelle Sanner, HR Training Manager, acknowledged the unknown artistic talents of some of Nemacolin’s staff and spoke to Marketing associate, Brenda Girod, to see if a mural team could be established through her personal arts organization. Shortly after, the Chateau Mural Project was announced!

The Chateau Mural Project is a partnership between Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Brenda’s nonprofit arts organization, The Uniontown Arts Fellowship (UAF). Since June of this year, UAF has organized Fayette County artists and Nemacolin associates as mentors to community youth on public painting days. Also, community groups such as the East End United Community Center and the Uniontown Area High School Art Club have also participated in private painting days at Nemacolin. 

DAY #2

DAY #3

DAY #4

DAY #6

DAY #7

After only 7 working days,  nearly 73 participants have spent a total of 300 hours and 45 minutes transforming every inch of the corridor.  At least once a month a team gathers in the corridor, using their talents and imaginations to bring the beautiful outdoors inside through a fun pop style. Using hard edges and solid colors, the mural is designed so that everyone can participate regardless of their skill level. “It’s like a giant coloring book,” shared Brenda, “UAF is about creating a fellowship through the arts that includes everyone and this mural certainly does that.” The design incorporates rolling hillsides, trees, oversized flowers and more. Each doorway, office, and elevator is clearly marked, as each has a whimsical cottage drawn around it making each part of the design. Directional signage is also added to help associates find their way through the long corridor.  Once completed, inspirational quotations will be added to the design. Daynelle added, “Our goal is to enhance the appearance of the associate walkway by incorporating inspirational designs for all associates to enjoy.”

The Chateau Mural Project is made possible by Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, who’s generous donation of supplies, lunches and transportation for community participants, allows UAF to offer this mural opportunity to the public at no charge. UAF is planning a ribbon cutting to celebrate the accomplishments of all those involved, once the mural is completed.

The Chateau Mural Project will continue this Fall. UAF will announce at least one public painting day per month on their Facebook page: “The Phoenix Arts Center.” All are welcome to participate. Groups are also welcome to schedule private group painting days. Anyone interested in participating should contact Brenda Girod at or call 724.329.6481.

Fall Foliage, General
Fall Foliage Report From Nemacolin

Last weekend we officially welcomed Fall back into our lives.  If you are lucky enough to live in certain parts of the country, you can already begin to see signs of the seasonal shift.  Here in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is one of those "lucky" places.  Perched on the mountainside, Nemacolin welcomes vacationers to take-in the spectacular views that Mother Nature blesses this part of the country with.

The recent weather has been nothing but ideal.  Now we won't go into scientific specifics, but warm temperatures in the upper 70's during the day and lows of high 30's in the evening are perfect for making those fall foliage colors really pop.

And it is evident that Mother Nature is at play, because since our last report a week ago, the change in the trees is most obvious.

The tops of the trees are showing early signs with
red and orange in dominate display.

The trees at The Links Parking Lot create a colorful canopy
and are probably the most noticeable change.
Look closely in the background and you will see pops of red
from the Maples on the Horizon.
The trees along Millioke Meadows have really popped in the
last week creating a nice drive along Nemacolins I-84.