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Nemacolin Gives Back
To Give Is To Receive

The Hardy family has spent many decades focusing on how to best give back to their community and, through their generosity, have made an impact on the lives of individuals touched by hardships ranging from illness to unemployment. Their philanthropic spirit and sense of genuine caring for the human condition are the foundation that is igniting the recent efforts of a group of Nemacolin associates who have the heart and desire to personally touch lives in their community and truly make a difference. They have named this organization Nemacolin Gives Back.

Nemacolin Gives Back is not financially supported by any corporation or entity and operates solely on the generosity of Nemacolin associates. Therefore, the projects considered are primarily designed to involve the donation of personal time with the focus being that each project has a direct impact on an individual or cause. There are many in need who are often forgotten because their hardship doesn’t fall under a socially supported spectrum of charitable foundations. There are worthy causes shrouded in a cloud of hard work that most people seek to avoid. These are their focus.

On April 20th and 27th, Nemacolin Gives Back is thrilled to be participating in their first event since its inception in January of this year. Seventeen associates will travel to the site of the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, to participate in a reforestation project. They will navigate steep and rocky terrain and plant seedling trees in an effort to help repair the damage that remains from years of coal mining in the region. The location of this project is one that is close to the hearts of many, yet the organizers had a difficult time filling the volunteer spots necessary to proceed with the project. Nemacolin Gives Back is very proud to be able to contribute and is looking forward to the challenge and the end result. In addition to this project, they will be participating in the building of a Habitat for Humanity home, as well as a Children’s Hospital special event and toy drive. Nemacolin Gives Back is currently searching for additional projects that will enlighten the lives of individuals, even if just for one day.

While individual passions may vary, the people involved in this organization share one belief that unites them: “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ― Albert Pike

Julie King
Marketing Manager & Nemacolin Gives Back Organizer
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Sales and Marketing
Word of Mouth is Still King

Radio, Newspaper, Television, Social Media, Billboards, Banner Ads, Press Releases, Bounce Back Offers, Magazine, SEO, Creative, FAM Trips, Email, Coupons, Direct Marketing … the list of marketing opportunities for a brand goes on and on and as technology and communication evolve so does the way brands communicate with their customers. However, there does exist a set of words that to a Marketer and Brand will always remain king. Those words are… Word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth is essentially free advertising and can undoubtedly be the most effective ROI (return on investment) for a Brand. Why you ask? Well, think about many of the decisions and purchases you have made in your life. How many times have you weighed your options or asked advice from those around you? We would bet that on most, if not all, of those occasions you enlisted an opinion from others. The reality is that most of us rely on others for major life decisions. This form of reassurance from others also trickles down to some of the most insignificant of decisions.

Check out the recent form of word of mouth advertising we received from a past leisure guest and group client. This letter was sent from a loyal Nemacolin customer to a current client who is considering bringing their group to Nemacolin.

“I was talking to Dennis Noonan at Nemacolin today as we have a three day meeting scheduled there in May and he mentioned you are thinking of a fall meeting there. I just wanted to put in my two cents in hopes it helps you in the process. We have been going to NWL for 14 years now. We bring anywhere from 200 - 400 people there every other May and have since 1998. The reason we picked it and continue to go there is it is the perfect spot. Dennis and his staff do a GREAT JOB of giving you what my father called "champagne on a beer budget". Meaning - they are willing to work with you to make sure you have a great experience at a price that works. We have travelled to many great hotels and destinations throughout the world, and NWL is right up there. When you go and stay in the Chateau - you will get an idea as to why my dad loved it there - he felt right at home, surrounded by Louis XIV pieces and antiques. All that in the middle of the Pennsylvania countryside!

Seriously, it is a great spot for selling the dream, having a goal setting workshop, team building or just a weekend away with each other. To give you an idea of the type of people they are, when Dad passed they were one of the first to call, offer condolences and offer a free place for my wife and I to come reflect and get away. No other Hotel around us did that! Joe and Maggie Hardy have created a wonderful spot there and I am looking forward to our trip in a couple months.”

No amount of advertising or marketing campaign can compete with the ROI of the referral from a lifetime customer, and because of this… Word of Mouth remains king.