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A Message From Nemacolin Regarding The Sacred White & Black Buffalo

To All Interested Parties:

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has recently been blessed by receiving both a white and black buffalo from a local resident. We have since discovered that there is sacred significance to a wide variety of people throughout the world. We understand that there is a responsibility not only to ensure the care and good health of these animals, but also to allow them to be seen and experienced by everyone. It is our goal to promote education and knowledge not only of the buffalo themselves, but also of their historical and spiritual significance.

Recently, there has been some confusion and questions about the Resort’s opinions and actions regarding these animals. Nemacolin has, and will continue to, make all of our animals available to the public. We do not discriminate against, nor at this time endorse, any specific group or individual. It is our hope that all who have interest in coming to the property will do so in a respective manner. We have made the viewing of these animals available for no cost or fee to anyone, and should you be a representative of a group or an individual with interest in holding a ceremony or event, we would be most interested in assisting in any way we can, so please contact us directly.

Again, please understand that our interest is for the well being of the animals and to ensure that access to them is open to all.

Warm regards,
Trey Matheu
General Manager

Associates of the Month
Nemacolin's August Associates of the Month

When we receive stories and testimonials from our guests we know that the reason for their experiences and the reason for their return is due to the hard work and passion of our associates. John DiJulius, author, consultant, nationally recognized speaker, the "Authority" in World-Class Customer Service has many times said, "World Class Service is not something you deliver… it is a result of something you are." These Nemacolin Associates exemplify customer service standards and we would like to thank and acknowledge them.

2009 August Associates of the Month

August - Front of the House
Donna Fike - The Woodlands Spa Massage Therapist

August - Heart of the House

Jeff Summerson - Engineering

August - Rising Star of the Month
Andrea Camp - Banquets

August - Leader of the Month
Meryl Elliot - Garde Manager

Fall Foliage
Hurry Up!

October 10, 2009

The leaves covering the mountains of the Laurel Highlands are in full color assault right now. It is spectacular! This weekend and next will be the best weekends for viewing and the weather forecast looks great.

These photos were taken in Ohiopyle State Park which borders Nemacolin. Ohiopyle is the largest state park in Pennsylvania covering over 19,000 acres. Famous for white water kayaking and rafting, the park also has incredible hiking, camping and biking.

The Great Allegheny Passage passes right through the heart of this eclectic town. The GAP trail connects Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. and is perfect for every level of rider. Hint to all of our D.C. friends stuck in traffic on 270 heading to resort, avoid all that mess and bike here with your family via the GAP trail! Okay, that may be pushing it but make sure you check out Ohiopyle State Park on your next trip.

Of course, we have made it easy to escape the next two weekends and view the fall foliage with our Autumn Escape Package. See you this weekend!

Sales and Marketing, Testimonials
Why do you choose Nemacolin?

Any marketer will tell you that the almighty referral is a company’s best friend. Why? Because consumers are very more than ever conscious, especially with the current economic situation. As consumers, we rely on the past experiences and decisions of others to determine the money and time we too will invest. Think about how quickly you form opinions when hearing about a relative or best friends recent travels. Their positive or negative experience ultimately determines your ‘new’ outlook and it is not uncommon for you to own their experience with them.

That is why Nemacolin encourages guest feedback, and we understand that it is important to our success. We at Nemacolin have a lot to be proud, but we are most proud of the stories, testimonials and shared guest’s experiences.

So we ask… Why do you choose Nemacolin? Here what past guests have to say:

Mike, Pittsburgh, PA: "The reason that we return to Nemacolin is pretty straightforward. I appreciate good service, friendly people and being treated respectfully. I am in the "service" business as well and can appreciate the challenges associated with running a large "client focused" business. Nemacolin delivered with exceptional service."

Mr. Bill M., Reston, VA: "We have already signed for 3 more years and this will be our location as long as I am in charge. Your service and attention to detail sets you apart. I can’t believe how accommodating your staff is. They are the best I have experienced. They make all the difference."

Ms. Linda C., Newark, OH: "Everyone loved the program. You guys truly made my job so easy. Your facility and staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I am looking forward to working with NWL for my September program."

We Love Our Guests! And have devoted a whole page to your testimonials and experiences. Click Here to view. Email us at to share your Nemacolin experience. Please mention: “Feature me on your We Love Our Guests Page!” to be considered for inclusion.

Fall Foliage
The Miracle of Fall

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not real sure where summer went but that is all right, the leaves are changing colors and fall is beginning to show its' face in the Laurel Highlands. It seems the leaves are turning a bit earlier this year. Science would disagree, but maybe the rather cool summer experienced in much of the region has something to do with it.

Southwestern Pennsylvania and most of the grounds at the resort are covered with various kinds of maple and oak trees. This is great news for those of you coming out in the next few weeks to take in all the fall colors as those types of trees are the most vibrant in color. As you can see from the photos, there is a lot of deep red and some orange beginning to show.

If you are planning a trip to view this spectacular display, plan on the weekends of October 16-17 and 23-24 for peak fall foliage. Of course, Nemacolin makes it easy for you to do so with the Autumn Escape Package.

Check back every week for photos and updates on the miracle of fall in the Laurel Highlands.

It Was An Honor To Serve Those Who Serve Us!

Every so often, you get an opportunity to really feel good about what you do for a living. Our associates were honored with that opportunity this past week when various squadrons from the 911th Airlift Wing set to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan, stayed at Nemacolin for a few days.

Their program included many events and activities designed to help make this difficult time period leading up to deployment just a bit more bearable for the families. The Nemacolin Activities Team developed programs focused on spending quality time with spouses, children and other family members. The program also included counseling sessions on various topics to help families cope while a loved one is deployed.

The current administration has not been very supportive of the hospitality industry since taking office. Maybe more stories like these will help change their minds on the huge benefits our industry provides to everyone from Corporate America to the great men and women in our armed forces.

Thank you 911th Airlift Wing for defending our freedom! Godspeed and we will have a room waiting for you when you return home safely.