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A Message From Nemacolin Regarding The Sacred White & Black Buffalo

To All Interested Parties:

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has recently been blessed by receiving both a white and black buffalo from a local resident. We have since discovered that there is sacred significance to a wide variety of people throughout the world. We understand that there is a responsibility not only to ensure the care and good health of these animals, but also to allow them to be seen and experienced by everyone. It is our goal to promote education and knowledge not only of the buffalo themselves, but also of their historical and spiritual significance.

Recently, there has been some confusion and questions about the Resort’s opinions and actions regarding these animals. Nemacolin has, and will continue to, make all of our animals available to the public. We do not discriminate against, nor at this time endorse, any specific group or individual. It is our hope that all who have interest in coming to the property will do so in a respective manner. We have made the viewing of these animals available for no cost or fee to anyone, and should you be a representative of a group or an individual with interest in holding a ceremony or event, we would be most interested in assisting in any way we can, so please contact us directly.

Again, please understand that our interest is for the well being of the animals and to ensure that access to them is open to all.

Warm regards,
Trey Matheu
General Manager


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