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Why do you choose Nemacolin?

Any marketer will tell you that the almighty referral is a company’s best friend. Why? Because consumers are very more than ever conscious, especially with the current economic situation. As consumers, we rely on the past experiences and decisions of others to determine the money and time we too will invest. Think about how quickly you form opinions when hearing about a relative or best friends recent travels. Their positive or negative experience ultimately determines your ‘new’ outlook and it is not uncommon for you to own their experience with them.

That is why Nemacolin encourages guest feedback, and we understand that it is important to our success. We at Nemacolin have a lot to be proud, but we are most proud of the stories, testimonials and shared guest’s experiences.

So we ask… Why do you choose Nemacolin? Here what past guests have to say:

Mike, Pittsburgh, PA: "The reason that we return to Nemacolin is pretty straightforward. I appreciate good service, friendly people and being treated respectfully. I am in the "service" business as well and can appreciate the challenges associated with running a large "client focused" business. Nemacolin delivered with exceptional service."

Mr. Bill M., Reston, VA: "We have already signed for 3 more years and this will be our location as long as I am in charge. Your service and attention to detail sets you apart. I can’t believe how accommodating your staff is. They are the best I have experienced. They make all the difference."

Ms. Linda C., Newark, OH: "Everyone loved the program. You guys truly made my job so easy. Your facility and staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I am looking forward to working with NWL for my September program."

We Love Our Guests! And have devoted a whole page to your testimonials and experiences. Click Here to view. Email us at to share your Nemacolin experience. Please mention: “Feature me on your We Love Our Guests Page!” to be considered for inclusion.


Garrett said...

In 1991, as a young soldier, just 21-years-old awaiting deployment, with my new bride, who had planned a simple honeymoon at a family members cabin in the nearby mountains, happened uppon Nemacolin when our car broke down just outside the grounds. We had been honeymooning for just a couple of days, but were tired, hungry, I had been bitten by ants and now our car wasn't working. BUT the terrific people at Nemacolin were eager and dedicated to helping us restart and save our honeymoon. After checking in, the concierge promptly found someone to fix our wounded vehicle. As we were not prepared for the elegant atmosphere, we were offered transportation and concierge service to shop for suitable attaire. Our room was amazing, and at our first cocktail hour in the lobby bar, the pianist played a song he dedicated to us, and we enjoyed our very first 4 star meal. A couple of days later, Joe Hardy, I can only assume Maggie's father, visted our room. He took us personally on a tour of the facilities, and offered us his best wishes as we began our lives together. Days later we we left with one of the most memorable experiences we have ever known. I deployed just a few short weeks later, and today at age 40, I think often about that extraordinary experience, and after 19-years, my wife and I have recalled how special our Nemacolin experience is to both of us.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort said...

Garrett -

Thank you for your kind words and story. We are so pleased to hear how after nearly 20 years, your story and experience is so vivid and meaningful. We appreciate you sharing.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort said...

Garrett -

Would you be willing to contact us regaridng this story? We would love to speak with you. If so, could you contact the Marketing Dept. at 724.329.6279. Thank you!

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