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You Know It Is A Nemacolin Holiday When...

You know it is a Nemacolin holiday when... you walk through our Chateau Lafayette Lobby and are greeted by the sweet smell and whimsical charm of our Gingerbread display. The Lobby's Gingerbread display is a Nemacolin tradition that gathers our guests each year. With over 100 hours of labor our display includes a sweet tooth's dream. Plus, it is the details that make people come back, because each time you look at it, you see something new.







Hair Care Tips From Our Spa Experts

Don't stress out it is normal... we can lose over 100 hairs a day. If you use hair spray, gel, root boost, ect. those hairs may not fall out until you shampoo and that bond is broken. So until there is a small cat gathering in the shower drain or a patch of missing hair, do not worry it is completely normal.

Growing out your hair? Keep up on your trims, every 6 weeks is the average! Most women, when growing out their hair, skip trims so they can add length, but what happens when you try to stretch a cut is the everyday styling and shampooing cause the ends to dry and split causing your stylist to remove more inches. So keep up on your trims and length will come even faster.

Shampooing... WE DO NOT NEED DAILY SHAMPOOING! If you are a daily "shampooer" you probably shampoo because your hair looks "greasy." Take this challenge: let your hair go for the weekend, don't shampoo from Friday till Monday. On Monday shampoo and condition then skip Tuesday, wash Wednesday. Then continue to wash every other day. Your scalp is just like your skin, the more oil you remove (shampooing) the more oil you will produce. Think of the time you will save in the mornings. This will also help your color to last longer, because water and shampoo speed the fading process.

"Treat Yourself Good, Treat You Body Better!"
Stephanie Hostetler
Director of Spa Operations - The Woodlands Spa
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Associates of the Month
Congratulations to Our Associates of the Month!

Our friend John DiJulius "THE Authority in Customer Service" is famous for saying, "World Class is not a hat you put on and take off, it is something you are to your customers, co-workers, at home and in your community."

We honor the Associates of the Month and thank them for their "World Class" skills and attitude and for contributing to the success of our Resort.

Maybe you will even recognize one of these friendly faces during your next Nemacolin experience.


Rising Star:
Earl Guthrie - Autumn Kitchen

Back of the House:
John Quarrick - Engineering

Front of the House:
Jimmy Shaffer - Shooting Academy

Leader of the Month:
Anna Madsen Phillips - Accounting

Team of the Quarter:

2011 Membership Program Announced...

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Golf Introduces New Membership Program for 2011

2011 Links Memberships:

  • Individual Memberships - $500
  • Family Memberships - $1,000
  • Junior Memberships - $200

    Plus, new for 2011... a Practice Facility Membership for just $100 gives you use of the Links Practice Facility, 10% discount at the Gazebo and CaddyShack Restaurants and Bag Storage.

    DOWNLOAD the 2011 Links Memberships Brochure. Join and pay before
    December 31, 2010 and receive up to $200 savings on select memberships.

    2011 Mystic Rock Memberships:

  • Individual Memberships
  • Rock Corporate Memberships
  • Boulder Corporate Memberships

    DOWNLOAD the 2011 Mystic Rock Memberships Brochure to learn more.

Winter Golf Tips

So we know it is not "officially" winter; however, with the chance of snow tonight and tomorrow we know it is coming. Our Director of Golf, PGA Professional, Dennis Clark shares golf tips for the winter season.

There are things you can do to keep your game sharp in the off-season. Short of going to Florida on a regular basis, let’s consider a few of them:

  • Stay in Shape: The best thing any of us can do is stretch and strengthen our bodies. Pilates seems to be a very popular thing on the PGA Tour these days. There are a number of golf specific stretches within that discipline.
  • Train New Habits: Hitting into a net is effective if and only if you are practicing the right way. Many golfers groove BAD habits by practicing their old, flawed swings. The off-season is a great time to train NEW habits by doing drills. Take a fall lesson and seek efficient drills from the pro.
  • Television and magazines are fun but not always helpful. Knowing which of the tips applies to YOUR swing is vital.
  • If you purchase new equipment, make sure it is fitted properly!
  • Stay warm, healthy and safe.

I’ll see you in the spring!

Dennis Clark
Director of Golf, PGA Master Professional
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Fall Foliage
Fall Peak Is Here!

Wow, have the colors popped! Just when we started to think the dryness this summer may have impacted the vibrant colors, Mother Nature came to our rescue and just in time. Last weekend was our 3rd Annual Fall Festival and not only was the event a great success, but the colors of the Laurel Highlands started to really show off.

We have been watching and each day this week, it seems as if the leaves intensify. Most "official" reports predict that our region is at about 80% peak level with the estimated period of peak season starting today, October 15, 2010 through October 24, 2010. So hurry, time is of the essence for Fall Leaf Peeping in the Laurel Highlands, but if you can't make a road trip we posted some images below to showcase the beauty of Fall across the Resort!

Pork Many Ways

Brined Loin, Crispy Belly, Bacon, Cracklins’, Onion Marmalade, Sage

The dream of any Chef is to be able to do as much “in house” as possible. Take extraordinary product and take it one step higher by putting your own personal touches on it to make it unique to you and your restaurant. This dish is just that…

Pork Many Ways is made up of Brined Tenderloin, Crispy Belly, Bacon, Cracklins' and Jus. We had the amazing opportunity of purchasing an entire pig and as a team breakdown each section start to finish. Curing, smoking, brining, frying, roasting, you name it, we tried it.

By taking the larger portion of the pork belly and milk brining it, roasting it and pressing it over night we get a nice white, crispy pork belly that is then glazed with the jus that accompanies the dish. The jus was made by taking the bones of the pig, roasting them and making our own rich pork stock. Taking this stock and infusing sage, thyme, garlic and onion help to create a deliciously aromatic sauce that can accompany all of the four variations of pork.

Next, we have the bacon, by curing and smoking our own bacon in house we have the ability to control the degree of saltiness, sweetness and intensity of smoke. Also, with the addition of certain flavors like cocoa, apples and cayenne we have now created something unique that compliments other aspects of the dish like the pear puree, egg custard and the sweet and sourness of the onion marmalade.

The final two preparations of pork found on the dish are the tenderloin and the cracklins'. The tenderloin is cider and garlic brined, trussed and cooked in our wood burning oven with pork fat that we have rendered in house for additional flavor to a juicy medium. The cracklins' perched a top the slice of pork add texture, crunch and a bit of spice as they are tossed in a mix of cayenne, salt and garlic powder.

A dish representing not only the versatility of pork but the countless opportunities a kitchen has in creating new dishes with it.

Kristin A. Butterworth
Chef de Cuisine – Lautrec
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Preparing For Our Fall Festival Weekend!

The weather seems to be on our side (sunshine and 72 degrees) for tomorrow's
3rd Annual Fall Festival and Craft Beer Brewfest! As we drove around property today we were able to see other signs that a great event is upon us...

FROGGY Radio - Check!

Craft Fair Tables In Place - Check!

Bonfire Wood Chopped - Check!

Pumpkin Patch - Check!

Excited Associates - Check!

Everything is falling into place! Hope to see you there!

Spa October - Harvest Awakening Kur

Woodlands Spa features the Harvest Awakening Kur during October!

Regularly $180 for an 80-Minute Service - Download our Monthly Special which includes a $50 savings on the service during the month of October!

The Harvest Awakening Kur is a fantastic combination of three different treatments and is a great option for guests that are looking for multiple experiences at our Woodlands Spa.

Your service starts in one of our private rooms complete with a massage table and a hydrotherapy tub. The service begins with a full body exfoliation with a cornmeal scrub, which your therapist will use to scrub your arms, legs, feet, back and stomach. It is a great way to get rid of any dry summer skin that is lingering and leaves your skin fresh and new.

After the scrub, you are wrapped in a warm desert clay and covered with steaming hot towels that help to further cleanse your skin and remove impurities. It also begins a detoxification process within the body. While you are wrapped in the heat, you will receive an extremely relaxing facial and scalp massage. An ideal combination to enter a relaxing state for dreaming.

After your facial and scalp massage, you will soak in our hydrotherapy tub enveloped in the steamy aroma of cedar and frankincense. The tub has high pressure water jets to massage key areas of the body, including your lower back, neck, shoulders and legs. It is a great way to experience a variety of services while never leaving the room.

Join us at the Woodlands Spa and celebrate the fall harvest with us!

Lori Shubert
Director of The Woodlands Spa
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Golf Is A Reaction Game

To most of us golf seems like a deliberate, planned exercise where we act on the ball or we initiate the motion. Unlike baseball where we react to the ball hit our way or the pitch thrown at us; or tennis where we react to the serve of the opponent, in golf it seems there is no need to REACT simply because the ball is just sitting there. You could not be more mistaken.

In golf every shot we hit, every stroke we make, is a reaction to one of two things:

  1. Either the shot you have just hit.
  2. Or the shot you usually hit!

If you slice the ball, you will instinctively aim or swing to the left. If you hook the ball, you will instinctively aim or swing to the right. What’s more, these are involuntary responses; knee jerk reactions, not at all dissimilar to ducking from something coming directly at our head!

This is the very reason you are having difficulty with your alignment. I see no end to golfers on the lesson tee who think they are aimed at the target and, in fact, are not even close. And it’s not just aiming that is the problem. If, for example, you release the club too early in your downswing, you will instinctively pull up through impact. The problem is you are not aware you’re doing this! Unless it’s observed in a golf lesson or on video, you will never know the problem or the extent of it.

What to do? First of all, take a lesson. Get a look at your swing on video. You will be amazed at what you see! The only way to properly correct these flaws is to change the ball flight that causes them. The correction for a slice is hook. If you want to change your left-aiming, left-swinging habits, you need to start drawing or even hooking the ball. Your pro will help will this, but the sooner you do it the better. You probably have years of that ugly, over-the-top move that has held you back for so long, so get started with a lesson to correct it.


Dennis Clark
Director of Golf, PGA Master Professional
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Fall Foliage
Fall Is Here!

And so are the colors of Fall. In the last week or so the Laurel Highlands have really begun to showcase the beautiful fall foliage. Yellow hues were the first of the colors to begin showing at the tops of trees, but over the past week bright reds from the Maple trees which cover the area are the boldest.

Fall foliage viewing has begun early this year especially in the higher elevations as a result of the dry summer conditions. Regardless the foliage is beginning its' breathtaking transformation and really deserves a road trip. Foliage reports are predicting October 9 - 20, 2010 as the peak time for full color.

A Delicious Ending To Your Next Meal...

Dark and White Chocolates, Cherries, Dehydrated Mousse

A twist on a classic French dish we take dark chocolate, cream, agar agar and gelatin and layer it with white chocolate, cream, agar agar, gelatin and cherries to create a contrast of flavor and color in our chocolate terrine. A terrine by definition is either a loaf made from force meat or the vessel for which it is created in. In the case of our dessert it is in reference to the vessel.

The creation of this dish is a process consisting of proper tempering, timing and patience to create perfectly balanced layers. Accompanied by a savory yet subtly sweet cherry sauce made from cherries, vanilla, brown butter, Black Muscat wine and balsamic, the sauce helps to lighten the dish slightly with acidity to cut through an otherwise rich end to the meal. The texture on the dish is the dehydrated mousse and the silver mint from the chef’s garden adds color and an additional depth of flavor.

Though simplistic looking in appearance this dessert start to finish takes over 4 hours to create and hopefully will help to show the guest that time and a whole lot of commitment went into making the finish of to their meal memorable.

Kristin A. Butterworth
Chef de Cuisine – Lautrec
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Autumn Is Going Green!

In the process of "going green," Autumn is utilizing as many local resources as possible. In addition to being the first Permanent Business Partner of PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) we order many products from Penn Corner Farm Alliance, which is a 10 farm co-op that produces a wide variety of products ranging from fresh green beans to organic chicken. Autumn is also using a local Pennsylvania duck company called Joe Jurgielewicz & Son, a producer of some of the highest quality duck and duck products in the country. We also have some of the best lamb in the country in our back yard - Green County, Pennsylvania. Elysian Fields produces a wonderfully mild and consistent product. With all these local companies producing such high quality product it almost seems easy for us to go green. And to respect these local companies we pour as much love into our food as they do their respective products.

To learn more about Autumn, Click Here.
View Autumn's New Menus:

Ben Dansberger
Chef de Cuisine - Autumn
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Nemacolin Hosts 97th Pennsylvania Amateur Golf Championship

Pictured are Cory Siegfried (Champion on Left) and Chuck Dannenberg (Assoc. President on Right

This past week the Mystic Rock Golf Course at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort played host to the 97th Pennsylvania Amateur Golf Championship. Cory Siegfried, who plays out of the Philadelphia Country Club, was the champion. He posted a 54 hole score of 208 that was 8 under par for the three days. Grant Martens, from Wildwood Golf Club, placed second at 5 under and Anthony DeGol, Scotch Valley Country Club, placed third at 4 under. The event was a huge success, thanks to the great weather and the volunteers and staff of the Pennsylvania Golf Association!

Click Here for more event details, including course stats and scoring.

What is next?

The Mystic Rock golf course will play host to the 2012 Pennsylvania State Open. The State Open was last held at Mystic Rock in 2006 where Kyle Davis (A) posted a 6 under to win the championship.

Meet Prince of Nemacolin...

Meet Nemacolin newest member of the family! Prince of Nemacolin was born at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort on July 6, 2010. His mother and father both reside at the Resort and are part of our Wildlife Academy. The Father is a White Lion, the mom is not but a white gene carrier.

Want to see the lions? Our Wildlife Habitats are free to the public and can be viewed by car. However, we recommend parking your vehicle and walking between Habitats.

Prince of Nemacolin is currently being featured in our Wild Animal Shows which takes place each Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

White Lion Fun Facts:

  • White cubs occasionally turn up among tawny lions in the Timbavati and Kruger National Park regions.
  • White lions are not a separate subspecies.
  • The population of the white lion is unknown but the most recent count was in 2004 and 30 were alive.
  • White lions are not albino lions. The white color is caused by a recessive gene known as a color inhibitor.
  • It has not been scientifically proven; however, many claim the white lions suffer a distinct disadvantage in nature because they are highly visible to prey and / or hunters.

Sneak Peak at 2010 Holiday Ornament!

Introducing... the 1st Annual Nemacolin 2010 Holiday Ornament!

This 2010 Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Limited Edition Ornament represents the holiday traditions and memories that have come to mean so much to our guests.

Our three dimensional ornament features the famed Chateau Lafayette, a benchmark for excellence in resort lodging, designed to replicate the famed Ritz Paris in France, flanked by red poinsettias, the traditional holiday flower.

To order your Nemacolin 2010 Holiday Ornament, please visit our online Nemacolin Shopping Experience or contact our Retail Department at 724.329.6014. Each ornament is delivered in a holiday green gift box with a nicely written story card.

NEW Off-Road Driving Academy...

NEW! Nemacolin Woodlands Resort's Off-Road Driving Academy now features the JEEP Rubicons. Get behind the wheel and take to the course this summer!

1-Hour and 30-Minute Instructional Series and 30-Minute Ride Alongs are available!
Please contact a Resort Sales Specialist at 866.344.6957 for more details.

Meet Stitch!

Meet Stitch!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort's Wildlife Academy is dedicated to providing interactive entertainment and live animal programs with an emphasis on education. With a large variety of animal species calling Nemacolin home, we are proud to welcome the newest member of our animal family, Stitch, a Pensillata Marmoset.

Some fun facts about Marmosets:
  • Smallest primate in the world.
  • Even when full grown a Marmoset will weigh less than a pound.
  • Marmosets are found in the Tropical Regions of the Americas.
  • Marmosets feed on plant exudate's such as gum, sap and resin, as well as an insectivore diet.

The Off-Road Driving Academy Is Back!

The Off Road Driving Academy At Nemacolin will be in full force this summer with the addition of the Jeep Rubicons! Operating daily for Instructional Series and Ride Alongs, these four door Rubicons are the most capable off-road vehicle to date at the Academy.

The Rubicons can tackle 40 degree side slopes and 60 degree inclines with ease. The vehicle is equipped with a rock track transfer case which allows the vehicle to go through rock gardens you wouldn’t dream of entering.

Our Instructional Series is geared toward teaching you the specifics of the vehicle and how to operate it safely in the field. The Rock Course at the Adventure Center that will allow you to get comfortable with how the vehicle handles rock crawls, side slopes, inclines, log crossings and water fording ponds. After each member has gone through the course, the rest of the time will be dedicated to driving on some of our 20+ miles of trails on property. The total duration of the trip lasts 1.5 hours and is offered at 9:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m and 3:30 p.m.

We also offer a Ride Along where one of our professional off-road drivers will navigate the vehicle through the Rock Course then out to the trails for a total trip time of 30 minutes. This trip is great for a family that wants to tour the property and get a little muddy while doing so. These trips are offered at 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Take to the trails during your next Nemacolin visit. Our Off-Road Driving Academy is sure to treat the family with an experience you’ll never forget! Check out the video and see what I mean.

Matt Grobe
Director of Recreation
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

General, Retail
Brighton "Nothing Is Impossible" Necklace

Introducing the NEW... Brighton "Nothing Is Impossible" Necklace!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Brighton Jewelry have teamed up to fight breast cancer with this limited-edition, beautiful heart-shaped necklace featuring Nemacolin’s own Fat Bird. The entire production cost of the necklace has been donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The necklace will be available only at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

RESERVE YOURS TODAY! The "Nothing Is Impossible" Necklace will sell for $60. The necklaces will be available for sale on August 10, 2010; however, pre-ordering is available ONLINE or by contacting Elaine McKulka, Director of Retail at 724.329.6014 or by email at

Golf and Life

Golf & Life
By Dennis Clark, Director of Golf, PGA Master Professional

I have been at this wonderful game for a big part of my life and there are days I still feel as though I have no idea what I’m doing. And other days that I feel like the best player in the world. But most of the time, like everyone else, I’m somewhere in between… I know all too well my imperfections: That same old, ugly backswing that has been my “trademark” for so long is still there. So are the early release and the occasional hitch at the ball. But somehow, through all my many foibles, I keep going and I keep trying to get better. Maybe this, my 61st year of life and 45th year on the course, might just be my year…

I keep going because I love the struggle; I keep going because I love the mystery. I love to try to solve the puzzle that can’t be solved; perfect the game that can’t be perfected. Why? Because on those days and in that very moment when it all comes together, there is nothing like the feeling a golfer gets from a well-hit golf shot. The same thing that some folks see in art, golfers see in the flight of a little, white ball against the big, blue sky. It is the flight to the unknown, abounding with all the innocence of our youth and with all our hopes and dreams riding on every shot. The fascination is still there for me after all these years, and that very fascination remains unsullied millions of shots later. Lose that and I’m afraid my race is run.

But little did I know that in my quest to improve, I was learning something much more valuable. I learned that golf can be a metaphor for life itself. The very core values that have sustained me at various times throughout my life were often revealed on the golf course: respect for others, honesty, integrity, fortitude.

Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is not always fair, but it is equitable." The breaks don’t always go our way but, in the end, they do balance. It took me a good while to realize that the world was not against me, nor was every misfortune “just my luck." I learned that on the golf course.

Ever thought about the difference in golf and some other sports? Well try this: On days when we play poorly in say, baseball or football, the manager or coach simply takes us out of the game. Not so in golf: we just keep hitting our ball until it goes in the hole. Don’t give up, do the best you can on every shot. I learned that on the golf course.

We police our own game. There are times when it would be easy to improve the lie of the ball, mark down a four when we made a five, or “shorten” our putt a little. But who am I cheating really? Myself, of course. How can I ever improve at a game when mendacity is rooted deeply in my soul? Good golf demands brutal honesty, there is no substitute, there are no shortcuts. I learned that on the golf course.

We share this planet. No man is an island, and everyone has the right to be here. It is incumbent upon each one of us to respect and honor that right. The same is true for the consideration we afford others when playing golf. They have every bit as much right to my considerate actions as I do theirs. I learned that on the golf course.

So go play now and have fun. Try on every shot, be courteous, and let the breaks fall as they might. And remember this: You’re playing the greatest game ever known to mankind. You’re part of a community of kindred spirits who understand this little secret: It’s not winning, losing or shooting lower scores, but how we play the game that makes a difference. Like life, the game has its ups and downs, its peaks and valleys. And the real test of our character is not how well we handle the peaks, but how we conduct our affairs while in those valleys.

Dennis Clark
Director of Golf, PGA Master Professional
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Take Flight... New Fatbird Flyer Opening

Reach speeds of 60 mph on Nemacolin's NEW Fatbird Flyer, a 1,060' Zip Line. Soar over Mystic Mountain and view the Laurel Highlands at 300' in the air.


The Fatbird Flyer is opening the weekend of May 15, 2010. Schedule your ride today, by contacting a Resort Sales Specialist at 866.344.6957.

Coming Soon...

Watch the construction and see the site for the New Zip Line being built at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. The Fatbird Flyer is 1,060' feet long and can reach speeds of 60 mph. The scheduled open date is May 15, 2010.


See you soon at Nemacolin!

General, Leadership
Community Involvement

The arrival of Spring means baseball season is just around the corner. Opening day for the Mountain Area Baseball League(M.A.B.L.) kicked off this past Saturday with a flurry of games both Saturday and Sunday. The M.A.B.L. consists of 250 kids from ages 4 to 15, playing on five different fields at the Wharton Township Park. Many people volunteer their time and equipment to prepare the fields for this seven week season.

This past Friday afternoon the park was a buzz with volunteers and equipment preparing the fields for opening day, leading the charge to help was Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. The Resort donated two infield rakes and the manpower to assist the M.A.B.L. prepare for opening day. Associates from the Turfgrass Management Department can be seen in the photos operating the infield rakes to smooth and create a professional playing surface for the kids to play on. This is just one of many community projects that Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Associates donate their time to help the local community.

BIG THANK YOU to the associates that assisted. The community and Resort appreciates your services.

*Pictured are Art Frazee and Gerald Hawk.

Brian Anderson
Certified Golf Course Superintendent
Director of Turgrass Management and Grounds
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

A NEW Dining Concept and Menu Has Arrived!

Autumn, part of Nemacolin's Restaurant Collection now features menus inspired by regional cuisine using local farm and table ingredients. Look for much more improvements to the Autumn menu and restaurant as Autumn is seeking a "going green" destination. More to come...

Check out the NEW Dinner and Dessert Menus below.



Want to treat your taste buds to the delicious options listed on the menus above? Be sure to contact one of our Resort Sales Specialists at 866.344.6957 to make dining reservations during your next stay!

Associates of the Month
Congratulations Associates of the Month!

Join us in congratulating our Associates of the Month. THANK YOU for going above and beyond and for always striving to be the best. Your hard work is appreciated.
Again, Congratulations!!

Associates of the Month

Front of the House
Laura Wood - Security

Rising Star of the Month
Lindsey Sloan - The WildSide

Leader of the Month
Andrew Pero - Conference / Catering
*Not pictured - Heart of the House - Jessica Greer - Housekeeping

NEW - Little Tykes Ropes Course!

NEW this season... The Little Tykes Ropes Course!

Mimicked after our 40' and 20' Courses, the Little Tykes Course is a great option and thrill for little ones to be just like Mom, Dad and their siblings. The course consists of two obstacle elements and a 120' Zip Line. Each child wears a harness and is tethered to the course, just like the adult course.


Important Details:

  • Must be between the ages of 4 - 8 years old.
  • Maximum weight - 200 lbs.

To schedule the Little Tykes Ropes Course during your next Nemacolin visit, please contact a Resort Sales Specialist at 866.344.6957.

101 Reasons to Choose Nemacolin!

101 Ways to have FUN = 101 Reasons to choose Nemacolin!
  1. COMING SOON - 1,060 ft. Fatbird Flyer Zip Line!
  2. Wine Cellar: Featuring 21,000 bottles of wine!

  3. $45 Million Hardy Family Art Collection (check out the Berlin Wall)

  4. 50 ft. Climbing Wall

  5. Nemacolin Woodlands Golf Academy: Led by PGA Master Dennis Clark.

  6. Shooting Academy: 140 acres featuring 35 sporting clay stations spread across three courses.

  7. Special Events: NEW! First Annual Five Alarm Mountain Madness ICS chili cook-off scheduled for June 12, 2010.

  8. Wildlife Academy: Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

  9. 9 Holes of Disc Golf

  10. Vintage Airplane Museum

  11. 8 Lanes of Bowling at The WildSide

  12. Off-Road Driving Academy featuring Jeep Rubicons

  13. Orvis® Endorsed Fly Fishing Center

  14. 250 ft. Zip Line - WATCH VIDEO

  15. Mystic Rock - "Best Course You Can Play" 2010 by Golfweek
  16. Tennis programs led by Pro Fritz Schunck, a USTPA certified professional.
  17. NEW! Jamaican Dog Sledding
  18. Badminton Court
  19. Wine Tastings by our resident Sommelier
  20. Miniature Train Display at The WildSide
  21. NEW! Little Tyke Ropes Course - WATCH VIDEO

  22. Swing Into Spring: Spring Kidz Program

  23. Antique Auto Museum: A dozen unique rides including a 1913 Ford Model T Speedster.

  24. Paintball: Target & Combat!

  25. Computerized 360 Fitting System at The Nemacolin Golf Academy

    TIRED YET? Good thing we have...

  26. 24 Hr. Butler Service at Falling Rock

  27. Replicated after the Ritz Paris, The Chateau Lafayette is the benchmark of excellence.
  28. Enjoy seclusion with our Townhomes & Luxury Homes
  29. Maggie Valley RV Park
  30. 10 Pillow Menu Option at Falling Rock
  31. Infinity Pool at Falling Rock
  32. Hot Stone Massage at the Woodlands Spa
  33. Couple Massage, plus 100 other treatments available at the Woodlands Spa.
  34. Relax and treat yourself at The Salon at Woodlands Spa.
  35. Travel the world with Spa Voyage Kidz Spa for kidz ages 5 - 15.
  36. Kidz Klub Programs
  37. 32,000 sq. ft. of Meeting Space for Social Events, Corporate Retreats & Gatherings.
  38. Volleyball Court
  39. Shop the ultimate in outdoor adventure at Woodlands World.
  40. Safari Tour: Hop aboard our Safari Cart for a tour of the Wildlife Habitats and a chance to interact with some of the animals!
  41. Group Golf Programs
  42. Property Hiking Trails
  43. Daily Fitness Classes
  44. NEW! Ohiopyle Adventures
  45. Walking Trail Rides
  46. Archery
  47. Fallingbrook Mini Golf Course
  48. Teambuilding Programs! WATCH VIDEO

  49. 5 On-Property Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools

  50. Jackson Pollock Experience

  51. Biking: Take in The Laurel Highlands & 2,000 acre property.

  52. Fly In! Private Airstrip

  53. Bocce Ball & Croquet: A great way to play outdoors.

  54. 7 Slopes on Mystic Mountain

  55. Shop Vera Bradley and Brighton at our Heritage Court Shoppes
  56. Pony Rides

  57. 20' & 40' Ropes Courses

  58. Private Lessons with golf professionals

  59. 800' Snow Tubing Park

  60. 2,400 sq. ft. Fitness Center
  61. The Links - a challenging par-70 golf course.
  62. Shop The Nike Shop at The Links

  63. Dog Sledding: Featuring Nemacolin's very own sled dog team!
  64. Air Rifle Range at Shooting Academy

  65. Take to the pool slide at Paradise Pool.

  66. Private Lessons from professional & experienced instructors.

  67. Indoor climbing wall at The WildSide
  68. Snowboarding welcome on Mystic Mountain!
  69. Experience 'flotation' this winter with Snowshoeing.

  70. Miniature Train Display at The WildSide
  71. Cross Country Skiing

  72. Visit Heritage Court -Specialty Shoppes with store front facades designed to resemble historical buildings along Route 40.
  73. Fly Tying Lessons with Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guides

    All this reading making you hungry?

  74. Lautrec: One of only 20 restaurants in the WORLD to hold both AAA Five Diamond & Forbes Five Star awards simultaneously.
  75. AAA Four-Diamond restaurant, Aqueous, overlooks the 18th hole on Mystic Rock.
  76. Check out our 8,500 gallon circular saltwater aquarium while you dine at Tavern.

  77. Swim-up bar at Paradise Pool.
  78. Grab some Ice Cream at PJ's, our 1950's themed Ice Cream Parlor.

  79. Starbucks at the Sundry Shop.
  80. ‘Stay in’ and dine on delicious foods with Room Service.

  81. Catch a bite or sip a drink overlooking the Infinitely Pool at Sunset Terrace.

  82. Elements Cafe featuring healthy options.

  83. "Best Breakfast on the Mountain" the Gazebo.

  84. Fine dining at Autumn Restaurant.
  85. The areas largest draft selection featuring 16 beers, at The Wildside.
  86. Try to hang on for 8 seconds on El Torro, the mechanical bull at the Hitchin' Post.
  87. Sip some tea, in the Tea Lounge.
  88. Custom blended ice cream at The WildSide.
  89. Enjoy the world’s finest bourbons, scotches and cognacs as well as an array of cigars at The Cigar Bar.

    Now... Back to the List!
  90. Pet Friendly rooms! Under our PET PROUD® Policy.
  91. The region's premier Wooflands Pet Resort & Spa

  92. Visit Humphrey the Moose and Rocky, Sugar & Boo Boo the Black Bears at our Wildlife Habitats.
  93. Woodlands Animal Care Center
  94. Short drive from Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob.

  95. Shop the Kidz Shoppe at Heritage Court.

  96. Nearby Fort Necessity Battlefield: Where the French and Indian War began here

  97. White water rafting though our Ohiopyle Adventures Program.

  98. Exotic Bird Display at The WildSide.

  99. Kidz & Little Tykes Night Out Programs
  100. 65+ Arcade games at The WildSide.

  101. Holiday fun! The holidays are a special time at Nemacolin with event traditions.

And the List goes on! What ways do you have fun at Nemacolin? Or what reasons bring you back?

Red Sheep Have Been Born!

The best thing about working in the Recreation Department at Nemacolin is the "unpredictable factor" each day presents. You often hear... "Expect The Unexpected," read and see the how "unexpected" entered my day.

The day started off like many others, until... OPERATION RESCUE the baby Red Sheep.

Nemacolin's Wildlife Academy includes a number of Wildlife Habitats or animal enclosures, each featuring a variety of animals from red sheep and zebra to lions and black bear. When a baby is born the trained and certified associates at the Wildlife Academy must retrieve the baby for a period of time for our Veterinarian Staff to perform appropriate vaccinations and to complete a physical check-up.

Back to OPERATION RESCUE... After one of our adult red sheep delivered a baby, a team of six entered the habitat to locate the baby that was hidden within the rock caves. The mission was a success and to our surprise we found twins. Check out the mission below!


  • Can reach heights of up to three feet at the shoulder.

  • Can weigh up to 200 pounds.

  • Red Sheep are herbivorous and feed on a variety of grasses and shrubs.

  • Red Sheep are found in Southwestern Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Kashmir region of India.

  • Also known as Urial, Shapo or Arkhar in various parts of the world.
The Wildlife Academy at Nemacolin is dedicated to providing interactive entertainment and live animal programs with an emphasis on education.

Matt Grobe
Director of Activities
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

General, Sales and Marketing
Surprise Visit!

Here at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort you can expect the unexpected! Like this morning when the Easter Bunny showed up a full 10 days early to deliver an Easter Basket to the child of one of our guests! Whether it is for your family at work, or for your loved ones at home Nemacolin makes sure the eggs not only get delivered on time but sometimes even ahead of schedule.

Thank you Easter Bunny!

P.S. - It is rare to catch a picture of the Bunny, but our Sales Team was hot on his trail. They snapped a quick picture of the bunny as he made his rounds. Nice work!

Answering The Call Of Duty!

I learned a new job this past weekend at Nemacolin. Not since I joined the US Army had I learned a new job.

It was a gorgeous couple of days to do so. Blue, cloudless skies were prevalent and our guests had the Mystic Mountain slopes full, the shooting stands packed and some even stayed inside choosing to be pampered in The Woodlands Spa. It was everything we dream about as leaders. I just wish I was the one being able to snowboard, shoot or spa, but it just wasn't possible.

Nemacolin's rooms were all occupied again and an early group check-in meant that rooms had to be turned by noon. Therefore, we employed our "All Hands On Deck" policy and stepped up to assist our Housekeeping Team.

I have made a lot of beds in my time on this earth having spent ten years in the military. But, my skills were rusty in making tight hospital corners with crisp bedsheets. After a few attempts, I thought, "Well I am not so rusty after all!" Or so I thought. Each time my bed was complete, the supervisor came back and tightened them up... my ego was shot.

She didn't care what or how I did in the military. But thankfully for me, she didn't have a quarter in her hand. Drill Sergeant Dillingham did. He was one of many DI's at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri who would test your proficiency in bed making by bouncing a quarter of our sheets. Back then, that quarter would look like a basketball being dribbled by Lebron. We were outstanding at making a bed in twenty seconds in the US Army.

But that doesn't cut it for Nemacolin. As my supervisor said, "This bed is why people come to Nemacolin!"

"What?" I've been here for 12 years and I never heard that before.

"When our guests come back from their day, this bed will be perfect. It should make all their cares disappear, they need rest," my supervisor explained."And we make sure they get it."

"Ahhh, I see." It really did look inviting after she pulled that Burberry comforter up a little and fluffed the pillows. "Heh, maybe I could sneak a power nap?" I thought, because this is hard work!

No chance. My supervisor made that very clear. She had many things for us to do.

I made the toilet shine. She would make it sparkle. I swept, dusted, and loaded the dishwashers in our townhomes. She complimented me and corrected deficiencies. It was a great system.

And we had a blast. We had managers from all departments helping out their fellow associates. There was singing, teasing, smiles and laughter, all of which are typical when our leaders get together at Nemacolin. Especially when we have important missions to accomplish.

I was able to work with people from Mystic Mountain, IT, Sales, some of our butlers, bellman, valets and our amazing Activities Team.

We did more sweeping scrubbing, polishing and towel folding then I've done in a long time. And I look really good in a maids uniform, maybe better than I did in camo!

Tom Smith
V.P. of Sales
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Associates of the Month
Associates of the Month Announced!

Take a moment and join us in congratulating our Associates of the Month. We thank these Associates for their hard work, commitment and above and beyond attitudes. Next time you are visiting Nemacolin Woodlands Resort look for their friendly faces!

Again, Congratulations!!

Associates of the Month

Front of the House
Marjorie Beachy - Reservations

Back of the House
Josh Rankin - Engineering / Mystic Mountain

Leader of the Month
Amber Frazee - Food & Beverage

*Not pictured - Rising Star of the Month, Michelle Lacek - Front Desk

Lessons on Leadership

I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting and becoming friends with some extraordinary leaders and visionaries. Recently I was at a CEO Leadership Forum at the Penn State Fayette Campus to enjoy a lecture by Mr. Bill Lambert, President and CEO of MSA and I was able to take away the following lessons on Leadership:

Have passion for everything you do, go above and beyond.. be committed to the task and the result!

Have a vision for what you want to do and who you want to be.

Keep moving forward, always be improving and growing, never get lazy or complacent.

Leaders take ownership for everything they do, all decisions… NO EXCUSES!

Ask yourselves these questions - "What lessons have I learned that improve my leadership skills?" and "What leadership motto's do I live by?"

Dennis A. Noonan
Vice President of Sales
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Historic Winter!

Wow, what a winter it has been! We have accumulated over 100 inches of natural snowfall during the month of February, making it the snowiest month ever recorded at Mystic Mountain!! Now I know a lot of you are sick of the snow but trust me when I say that March will be the best time of the year to ski Mystic Mountain.

Why is that? Well for one our snow depth ranges from 55-80 inches of base (180 inches this year)! So the conditions are going to be epic all the way until spring. But the number one reason will be the weather. March typically delivers temperatures ranging from 43-60 degrees in the afternoon, and if you have never experienced true “Spring Skiing” this year will be your chance. Soft snow conditions will allow beginners to master their turns and advanced skiers will rip down the mountain and soak in the sun. Don’t wait for the snow to melt to start getting in shape for summer.

Get to Mystic Mountain for your last chance to ski this historic winter!!

See how Mystic Mountain Compares to some popular Colorado ski destinations:

Breckenridge - Colorado:
Base - 70 inches
Snowfall To Date - 194 inches

Crested Butte - Colorado:
Base - 60 inches
Snowfall To Date - 188 inches

Vail - Colorado:
Base - 48 inches
Snowfall To Date - 208 inches

Mystic Mountain - Pennsylvania:
Base - 70 inches
Snowfall To Date - 190 inches

Matt Grobe
Director of Activities
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort