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Pork Many Ways

Brined Loin, Crispy Belly, Bacon, Cracklins’, Onion Marmalade, Sage

The dream of any Chef is to be able to do as much “in house” as possible. Take extraordinary product and take it one step higher by putting your own personal touches on it to make it unique to you and your restaurant. This dish is just that…

Pork Many Ways is made up of Brined Tenderloin, Crispy Belly, Bacon, Cracklins' and Jus. We had the amazing opportunity of purchasing an entire pig and as a team breakdown each section start to finish. Curing, smoking, brining, frying, roasting, you name it, we tried it.

By taking the larger portion of the pork belly and milk brining it, roasting it and pressing it over night we get a nice white, crispy pork belly that is then glazed with the jus that accompanies the dish. The jus was made by taking the bones of the pig, roasting them and making our own rich pork stock. Taking this stock and infusing sage, thyme, garlic and onion help to create a deliciously aromatic sauce that can accompany all of the four variations of pork.

Next, we have the bacon, by curing and smoking our own bacon in house we have the ability to control the degree of saltiness, sweetness and intensity of smoke. Also, with the addition of certain flavors like cocoa, apples and cayenne we have now created something unique that compliments other aspects of the dish like the pear puree, egg custard and the sweet and sourness of the onion marmalade.

The final two preparations of pork found on the dish are the tenderloin and the cracklins'. The tenderloin is cider and garlic brined, trussed and cooked in our wood burning oven with pork fat that we have rendered in house for additional flavor to a juicy medium. The cracklins' perched a top the slice of pork add texture, crunch and a bit of spice as they are tossed in a mix of cayenne, salt and garlic powder.

A dish representing not only the versatility of pork but the countless opportunities a kitchen has in creating new dishes with it.

Kristin A. Butterworth
Chef de Cuisine – Lautrec
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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