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Fall Foliage
Fall Peak Is Here!

Wow, have the colors popped! Just when we started to think the dryness this summer may have impacted the vibrant colors, Mother Nature came to our rescue and just in time. Last weekend was our 3rd Annual Fall Festival and not only was the event a great success, but the colors of the Laurel Highlands started to really show off.

We have been watching and each day this week, it seems as if the leaves intensify. Most "official" reports predict that our region is at about 80% peak level with the estimated period of peak season starting today, October 15, 2010 through October 24, 2010. So hurry, time is of the essence for Fall Leaf Peeping in the Laurel Highlands, but if you can't make a road trip we posted some images below to showcase the beauty of Fall across the Resort!


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