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Simple & Achievable Skin Care Tips...

Everywhere we look these days there seems to be so much focus placed on one's beauty and appearance.  The media hones-in on what they claim as the "beautiful" ones and society feels the added pressure to be "perfect."  We are targeted everyday with luxury skin care lines that will erase wrinkles, decrease blemishes, improve elasticity and wipe away years of natural aging.  If that isn't enough there are even surgery options to improve physical appearance.  However, it doesn't need to be that costly or difficult.

While the idea of "beauty" absolutely is in the eye of the beholder and a personal preference, we learn from our own Skin Care Provider, Lara Matush, that beauty actually begins with the way we view and approach our own skin care.  These tips are simple, achievable solutions that can transform your skin care appearance in a healthy way.

  1. SPF: Always protect your skin with at least 25SPF everyday even if you are not in direct sunlight. The higher SPF’s will actually protect you from a burn but allow your skin to properly tan.
  2. Exfoliate: Take time to exfoliate on a regular basis to get rid of dead skin cells, and all the excess oil that builds up from using sunscreens or oils. Exfoliation is the key to giving your skin a great summertime glow!
  3. Hydrate: Inside and out. The key to a great moisturizer is to find one that has natural hydrators like aloe vera, almond oil or shea butter.
  4. Fruits: The inside part of hydration... eat fruits including lemons and berries which contain natural astringents that remove the bacteria that can cause acne. All fruits and veggies are packed with the vitamins and minerals everyone wants in a product.  Start loading up at the market and try to incorporate more in your diet.
  5. Be Proactive:  Know how your skin can react to waxing and shaving.  For example, you should stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours after direct waxing or shaving. The night before you plan to shave do a quick exfoliation to remove the dry skin. When you are in the sun, use an oil free sunscreen so you don’t clog your hair follicles. Clogs will cause irritation and irritation may cause breakouts.
Do you have any skin care tips that you have incorporated into your daily routine that have brought you noticeable changes?  If so, please share!

Lara Matush
Skin Care Provider, Woodlands Spa
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Our Newest Associates of the Month!

Join us in congratulating our newest Associates of the Month!  Be on the look-out for these Nemacolin Stars next time you visit our Resort!  Again, congratulations to the winners!

Jarrod Bartock with General Manager, Chris Plummer

Heart of House:  Jarrod Bartock
Department:  Turfgrass
Excerpt from Jarrod's Nomination:

"He has been a great addition to our team  and continues to learn and take pride in the appearance of both golf courses.  With his increasing knowledge and drive he is a great motivator to have on board and we are glad to have him."

Jake Fisher with General Manager, Chris Plummer

Front of House: 
Jake Fisher
Department:  Golf
Excerpt from Jake's Nomination:

"He is excellent with guests and always has a smile on his face.  He is very detail oriented and creates a pleasant atmosphere for anyone to be around."

Don Moser with General Manager, Chris Plummer

Leader of the Month: 
Don Moser
Department:  Purchasing
Excerpt from Don's Nomination:

"He always seems to be looking out for us.  He always looks out for the good of the Resort when purchasing something.  He looks to make sure we get what we order or if something is wrong he fixes it sometimes without us even knowing there was a problem to begin with."

The Marketing Team with General Manager, Chris Plummer

Team of the Month:  Marketing
Excerpt from Marketing's Nomination:

"Whether it's marketing a slogan, sign for the hotel, flyer to hand out or social media piece they ooze creativity.  They continually let the world know of our fabulous Resort and all that we have to offer."

Not pictured...
Rising Star of the Month: 
Chris Mikolowsky
Department:  Falling Rock Food and Beverage
Excerpt from Chris' Nomination:

" He is completely in control of everything beverage that takes place over here (Falling Rock).  With his organizational skills and overall knowledge of beer, wine, and liquor he is truly an imperative asset to the overall success of the restaurant."

General, Golf
Slicing - Tip from Dennis Clark

75% of all golfers slice!  This costly shot is caused either by a poor grip, too steep of an angle of attack into the golf ball, or both.

Image courtesy of

Check the position of your hands on golf club.  The “V” formed between your left thumb and left index finger should point at your left shoulder.  If it does not, move your hand to the left.  You should see at least two knuckles on your left hand from your address position-in some cases three knuckles is OK.  Also, lighten your pressure and feel the club more in your fingers than your palms.  All these things will help your slice.

If your grip is good, and you are still slicing, the cause is most certainly in your swing. When you approach the ball from too steep of an angle, you will be forced to open the clubface to compensate. (This prevents a pull and helps you avoid hitting the ball fat). You need to shallow out your attack angle.  Try hitting some golf balls on a side hill with the ball above your feet; more like a baseball swing feeling.  This arc naturally promotes a release position as you come into impact.  Your forearms can rotate and you can release the club.

You can stop slicing; even if you hook for a while, it would be better than a weak slice.  In fact, hooking the ball for a while will change your habits enough to fix that slice.

PGA Master Professional
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Associates of the Month
Nemacolin All-Stars

Please join us in congratulating our Associates of the Month! These Associates exemplify the spirit of Nemacolin and have been nominated by their peers for their attitudes, dedication and commitment to our Resort and our Guests.
Colleen Rogers - Sales Department


Phyllis McCarty - Retail


Tom Little - Banquets


Will Clinch - Golf Department