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Slicing - Tip from Dennis Clark

75% of all golfers slice!  This costly shot is caused either by a poor grip, too steep of an angle of attack into the golf ball, or both.

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Check the position of your hands on golf club.  The “V” formed between your left thumb and left index finger should point at your left shoulder.  If it does not, move your hand to the left.  You should see at least two knuckles on your left hand from your address position-in some cases three knuckles is OK.  Also, lighten your pressure and feel the club more in your fingers than your palms.  All these things will help your slice.

If your grip is good, and you are still slicing, the cause is most certainly in your swing. When you approach the ball from too steep of an angle, you will be forced to open the clubface to compensate. (This prevents a pull and helps you avoid hitting the ball fat). You need to shallow out your attack angle.  Try hitting some golf balls on a side hill with the ball above your feet; more like a baseball swing feeling.  This arc naturally promotes a release position as you come into impact.  Your forearms can rotate and you can release the club.

You can stop slicing; even if you hook for a while, it would be better than a weak slice.  In fact, hooking the ball for a while will change your habits enough to fix that slice.

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