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Associates of the Month, General
Congratulations To Our Associates Of The Month

Congratulations to our Associates of the month for March, 2013! Join us as we say "thank you" to these Associates for their devotion, dedication and hard work. We appreciate you!

Courtney Smith – F&B – Culinary Administration Assistant
"Courtney is always in the best of moods and willing to help, even when it’s a project that does not involve her.  She is always smiling and always striking up a conversation.  Everything she deals with on a daily basis should be recognized as she has what it takes to be an excellent associate of the month.


Lloyd Williams – F&B - Tavern
"Lloyd seems to have what the guests love and expect when they dine at the Tavern.  Lloyd comes to work in the best of moods, lifting spirits around him and making work a fun place while keeping in mind our service standards.  He goes above and beyond each and every time he serves a table and I’m proud to have him as part of the Tavern team.”

Sam Welling – Guest Services/Bellman
"To say that Sam exceeds the expectations of our resort guests I am sure is a very true statement.  Along with this statement we can also say that Sam exceeds the expectations of fellow Nemacolin associates like myself or anyone else that he encounters on a regular basis.  His attitude alone can make for a better workplace for associates and a better getaway for our guests!”


Daynelle Sanner – Training Manager/HR
"Daynelle is constantly looking for ways to improve the training and development of our associates.  Her most recent venture with the F&B Supervisor course is the perfect example of this.  She took on an area she was not 100% comfortable with, learned all she could about it, and provided an incredible class for our current and up-in-coming F&B Supervisors.

Human Resources
Talk about a team who makes it happen!  The HR Team deserves to be recognized for the first quarter because of the many new and wonderful programs, events and trainings they have provided to both Associates of the resort and to the community – and in only three short months.  While the first quarter can typically be slower for some properties, this team was in full swing!