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Art Collection, General
Community Mural Collaboration at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Nemacolin is made up of nearly 2,000 acres of pristine property with a collections of unique buildings filled with eclectic art, dining and activities, all situated on the lush rolling hills of the Laurel Highlands. Everywhere guests look, there is something beautiful and inspiring. But, there is one part of the property that left much of that to be desired: The Chateau Associate Corridor.

A nearly 7,000 sq foot hallway, tucked away behind the scenes, this corridor is located in the lower lever of the Chateau Lafayette and is used by almost every Nemacolin associate at least twice a day as they come and go to work. Void of windows to the outdoors, this enclosed corridor houses associate lockers and back of the house offices.

DAY #1

Since the Chateau was built in 1997, long-time associate and current Director of Human Resources, Stephanie Miller, has imagined a mural in that space. Earlier this year, Daynelle Sanner, HR Training Manager, acknowledged the unknown artistic talents of some of Nemacolin’s staff and spoke to Marketing associate, Brenda Girod, to see if a mural team could be established through her personal arts organization. Shortly after, the Chateau Mural Project was announced!

The Chateau Mural Project is a partnership between Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Brenda’s nonprofit arts organization, The Uniontown Arts Fellowship (UAF). Since June of this year, UAF has organized Fayette County artists and Nemacolin associates as mentors to community youth on public painting days. Also, community groups such as the East End United Community Center and the Uniontown Area High School Art Club have also participated in private painting days at Nemacolin. 

DAY #2

DAY #3

DAY #4

DAY #6

DAY #7

After only 7 working days,  nearly 73 participants have spent a total of 300 hours and 45 minutes transforming every inch of the corridor.  At least once a month a team gathers in the corridor, using their talents and imaginations to bring the beautiful outdoors inside through a fun pop style. Using hard edges and solid colors, the mural is designed so that everyone can participate regardless of their skill level. “It’s like a giant coloring book,” shared Brenda, “UAF is about creating a fellowship through the arts that includes everyone and this mural certainly does that.” The design incorporates rolling hillsides, trees, oversized flowers and more. Each doorway, office, and elevator is clearly marked, as each has a whimsical cottage drawn around it making each part of the design. Directional signage is also added to help associates find their way through the long corridor.  Once completed, inspirational quotations will be added to the design. Daynelle added, “Our goal is to enhance the appearance of the associate walkway by incorporating inspirational designs for all associates to enjoy.”

The Chateau Mural Project is made possible by Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, who’s generous donation of supplies, lunches and transportation for community participants, allows UAF to offer this mural opportunity to the public at no charge. UAF is planning a ribbon cutting to celebrate the accomplishments of all those involved, once the mural is completed.

The Chateau Mural Project will continue this Fall. UAF will announce at least one public painting day per month on their Facebook page: “The Phoenix Arts Center.” All are welcome to participate. Groups are also welcome to schedule private group painting days. Anyone interested in participating should contact Brenda Girod at or call 724.329.6481.

Fall Foliage, General
Fall Foliage Report From Nemacolin

Last weekend we officially welcomed Fall back into our lives.  If you are lucky enough to live in certain parts of the country, you can already begin to see signs of the seasonal shift.  Here in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is one of those "lucky" places.  Perched on the mountainside, Nemacolin welcomes vacationers to take-in the spectacular views that Mother Nature blesses this part of the country with.

The recent weather has been nothing but ideal.  Now we won't go into scientific specifics, but warm temperatures in the upper 70's during the day and lows of high 30's in the evening are perfect for making those fall foliage colors really pop.

And it is evident that Mother Nature is at play, because since our last report a week ago, the change in the trees is most obvious.

The tops of the trees are showing early signs with
red and orange in dominate display.

The trees at The Links Parking Lot create a colorful canopy
and are probably the most noticeable change.
Look closely in the background and you will see pops of red
from the Maples on the Horizon.
The trees along Millioke Meadows have really popped in the
last week creating a nice drive along Nemacolins I-84.

Associates of the Month, General
Nemacolin's Shining Stars - Associates of the Month

Congratulations to our Associates of the Month! If you see our Shining Stars during your next Nemacolin Woodlands Resort visit please be sure to say "Hello" and "Congratulations.

Eric VanSickle, Purchasing Department
"The P & L Department has been shorthanded for several weeks.  There was no need to worry because Eric has stepped up and taken charge of getting all the deliveries done himself.  We are proud of Eric for his hard work and dedication."

Teresa Neighbors, The Tavern
"Teresa has been a true asset from the very beginning.  Teresa is always willing to take on any task asked of her.  She is always making suggestions, training, helping and coaching all the staff and management to make the Tavern a better place to work and experience.  Teresa exemplifies customer service and satisfaction and is an example to all of what the ultimate Nemacolin employee should be."

Emily Mankins, The Tavern
"Whether it was 95 degrees or raining like crazy, Emily never complained and was always giving a 110%.  The associates love her.  She is always thinking outside of the box for better ways to make our Associates’ jobs easier and the experience for our guests at the Tavern better. She is truly an asset to Paradise Pool, the Tavern and Nemacolin as a whole."

Stephanie Hostetler, The Woodlands Spa
“She has a heart of gold! The glass is always half full with Stephanie." - The Fitness Associates

"Steph is always willing to jump in and help with whatever she can: front desk check-ins, booking appointments and helping in the locker room. She never hesitates to do whatever it is that needs to be done, not only to help her team but for the satisfaction of the guest."- The Guest Service Staff

"Stephanie is super helpful and understanding. She is always interested in helping us find the newest trends and to better the salon products. For example, Stephanie was a huge part in bringing in our new Aura makeup line and she genuinely cares about us.”  - The Salon Team

Do you have a favorite Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Associate?  If so, tell us about them and why they are your favorite!

Fall Foliage, General
Early Signs Of Fall...

The season for sweatshirts, campfires and hot cider is just around the corner and is predicted to be one of the most colorful Pennsylvania Autumns in history.  A colorful fall usually results in a weather pattern which provides drier conditions through the second half of September with colder temperatures, dipping into the 30's at night.  In fact, an early frost can even assist in bringing out the colors of red and orange which were once vibrant green leaves from summer.

For Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, our location in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands is a Leaf-Peepers dream with colorful tones of yellow, orange and burnt red that will soon fully engulf the horizons.  Early signs of the season are already evident as you stroll through the property.  A welcoming sign of Mother Nature's showcase that is soon upon us...