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Associates of the Month

Nemacolin takes great pride in our frequent accomplishments and accolades such as our Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond awards for Lautrec, AAA Five-Diamond lodging award for Falling Rock Boutique Hotel and reclaiming Mystic Rock's title as #1 Golf Course in Pennsylvania by Golf Week. How do we make it all possible at Nemacolin, you ask? Well... with the REAL starts of the show, our associates! 

It is our favorite time of the month where we give appreciation where it is due and announce our Associates of the Month.

Front of House
Mason Lincoln - Chateau Front Desk 

Back of House
Kenneth Greene - Engineering 

Rising Star
Earl Guthrie - Autumn Kitchen

Team of the Second Quarter

The Great Highland Bagpipe in the Great Laurel Highlands – A Nemacolin Tradition

The Great Highland Bagpipe - Scotland's National instrument and a time-old tradition dating back to the 15th Century, spotted where? No place other than your favorite home away from home!

Nemacolin guests are welcome to join in on the resort tradition which takes place every Friday and Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and enjoy the melody of a professional Bagpiper as he walks the Falling Rock property and the 18th hole of the Mystic Rock golf course.  Guests are encouraged to grab a drink and bite to eat as they sit back, relax and enjoy our breathtaking views, all while enjoying this one-of-a-kind Nemacolin tradition.  May we recommend Aqueous, an upscale steakhouse and Amber Bar – both nestled inside the AAA Five-Diamond Falling Rock Boutique Hotel.  Leave it to us to bring the Great Highland Bagpipe to the Great Laurel Highlands!

Summer Bucket List

With the summer season fast approaching Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has seamlessly transformed from a snowy getaway tucked away in the mountains to an invigorating, non-stop adventure hotspot for all ages!  We invite you to join us in taking on our summer bucket list. Start crossing off activities… We promise you once-in-a-lifetime experiences you will never forget! 

1.  Grab a Dip at PJ’s Ice Cream & Pizza Parlor or Take a Dip in Paradise Pool
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Cool off from the hot summer sun by the best pool spot Nemacolin has to offer and enjoy a cone (or six) of hand scooped ice cream from PJ’s!  Watch and play with the kids as they splash and slide or take advantage of the pool-side food and beverage service.  

2.  Visit Nemacolin’s Wild Kingdom
At the welcomed addition of our newest amenity, Nemacolin’s Wild Kingdom, you can take a stroll through our nursery and meet our newest furry family including our Micro Pig Petunia, Fishing Cat, Oscar, and Binturong, Rue. One amenity highlight is our Enrichment Tours where you can make toys, treats and puzzles with a Zookeeper for our animals. 

3.  Golf Our PGA Tour-Tested Mystic Rock 
FORE! Nemacolin is home to 36 holes of championship golf, with nine a hole Mystic Rock addition coming soon (SHH! We know you’re excited, but please, don’t scream. Haven’t you ever heard of the golf clap?).  PGA-Tour Tested and Pete Dye designed, Mystic Rock features giant boulders, and lightning fast greens.  This course is one experience you’ll definitely want to drive off your summer bucket list!

4.  Take a Walk Through Robin’s Holistic Garden
At Nemacolin we not only believe in exceptional experiences, but the quality of those experiences. Each plant in the Garden is certified organic seed grown in organic soil and are raised on resort property at the Mystic Greenhouses.  Watch as our resort Chefs hand-select ingredients that are used daily throughout our Restaurant Collection for you to enjoy, or pick a veggie yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t tell!

5.  Grab a Bite at Sunset Terrace

Overlooking the 18th hole of Mystic Rock Golf Course and Falling Rock’s Infinity Pool you can sip a cocktail, dine from our upscale, yet comfortable menu and enjoy the Laurel Highlands sunsets while enjoying live entertainment every Saturday and Sunday evening throughout the summer.  Sunset Terrace is one dining option you won’t want to skip out on.

6.  Cast Aside Your Stresses With Our Orvis® Endorsed Fishing Activities 

There is something therapeutic about being on the water, and boy do we have options for you! From full and half day guided trips to fly tying with our Orvis® Endorsed instructors will have you experiencing the great PA outdoors like never before.  The Orvis® Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge at The Nemacolin Field Club is your gateway to some of the finest fly fishing streams and creeks in the Eastern United States.  Check it out and try not to get hooked, we dare you!

7.  Zip Line Your Way Through the Laurel Highlands
Birds of a feather... well they race together!  Nemacolin’s Fatbird SuperFlyer is over 3,000’ of dueling zip lines! Reach speeds of up to 60 mph as you soar alongside a competing rider, high above the slopes at Mystic Mountain. Join us and experience flight on one of PA’s longest dueling zip lines.

8.  Find Your Inner Zen
Nemacolin is not only home to fun and adventure, but also rest and relaxation.  Stop in for an array of treatments and services ranging from massage, skin care and a full-service salon at the Forbes Four-Star rated, Woodlands Spa, or focus on integrative methods designed to achieve life balance and wellness at the Holistic Healing Center.  What better way to unwind after a day of excitement? 


9.  Get Lost In Our Museum
$45 Million Art Collection – Enjoy sights of the Berlin Wall, Pitcairn (owned by Steven McQueen) or sneak a peek into our Grand Ballroom to catch a glimpse of one of our eight Baccarat Chandeliers – Did you know there are only 2 other in the world and they are owned by Donald Trump?  Want to know more? Ask about our daily Art Tours!

10.  Safari Tour In PA?
Yes, that is right! Our Wildlife Academy Safari Tour is a must.  Feed a marshmallow to a Himalayan Bear, meat to our Bengal Tiger, Kira, and grain to the Sheep and Llamas at Billy Goat Mountain.  It is an up close and educational animal experience like no other. 

Is It Time for a Tune-Up?

Kerry Harling, Holistic Healing Center Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner for Nemacolin’s Ayurveda Sanctuary, touches on what your Metabolic Constitution can be and describes what energies your body exudes to create a mental, physical, and emotional personality.

The physical body is a high-performance machine, constantly running to get you through the day, and switching to automatic as you sleep through the night. Sometimes, these things don’t go as planned; there are some bumps in the road and you need readjusted. Sometimes, you just need a tune-up.

Every machine comes with a manual, and Ayurveda is the manual for your body.
Your Ayurvedic Metabolic Constitution makes up your body type, sleep style and mindset.  When we eat the proper foods and follow the lifestyle that suits our constitution, then we have better chances of staying fit, healthy and happy for a long time. All you have to do is follow your unique set of recommendations for foods, herbs and lifestyle changes to start on the road to vibrant health.

Taking a Look Under the Hood
Each of the three Doshas consists of five Ayurvedic elements that form a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional characteristics that make you who you are. While an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis with a certified practitioner is the best way to determine your metabolic type, you can take an online quiz to see where you fit:
  • Vata Dosha – Air & Ether:  Naturally slim, with cold, dry skin. Vatas are highly creative, energetic and unpredictable. Common disorders include arthritis, muscle stiffness, blood pressure issues and chronic fatigue. They are intolerant to the cold.
  • Pitta Dosha – Fire & Water: Usually have a medium, athletic build. They are sharp, ambitious and competitive. Common problems for Pittas include stomach and intestinal disorders, heartburn, bad breath, food allergies and inflammation. They are intolerant to heat.
  • Kapha Dosha – Water & Earth:  Naturally broad-framed, Kaphas have difficulty losing weight. They are naturally attractive, loyal, resilient and routine-oriented. Common issues include diabetes, cold, flu and sinus problems, allergies, water retention and heart disease. They dislike cold, damp conditions.
How to Tune Up & Provide Regular Maintenance
Kerry has a distinct plan to rejuvenate and realign each individual Dosha.  Knowing yours can provide many benefits and clues to how to live your best life.

Maintenance for Vata Types:  Avoid overstimulation and stressful situations. Use yoga, breathing and walking to reduce anxiety. Institute routine, eating meals and gently exercising regularly.
Suggested Essential Oils:  Sesame
Suggested Herbs and Spices:  Triphala, ginger, cumin and fennel

Maintenance for Pitta Types:  The times around midnight and noon are dangerous; events such as anger outbursts or midnight snacking can occur. Pitta should avoid choosing bright red clothing or d├ęcor with hot colors. In turn, coffee is stimulating and heating, so it aggravates Pitta.
Suggested Essential Oils:  Coconut, lemongrass and aloe-vera
Suggested Herbs and Spices:  Triphala and dandelion root

Maintenance for Kapha Types:  Sleeping in after sunrise or eating heavily in the evening can make Kapha very sluggish and slow. Eat a light meal with hot foods at routine intervals, and drink warming drinks such as tea.
Suggested Essential Oils:  Lavender, lemon and sage
Suggested Herbs and Spices:  Tumeric, ginger, pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom

Leaving the Shop
Although you will often read or hear of a fad diet or detox program that is great for everyone, Ayurveda recognizes that different people have different needs. By knowing your own Metabolic Constitution, you are in a position to customize your diet, exercise, herbs, massage oils and other aspects of life to your requirements. Kerry Harling is ready to show you how to revive and refresh your life, July 12 through 18, 2015. Click Here to learn more about our Ayurveda Signature Program Package.

Peak Week Is Here!

It’s peak week for us here at Nemacolin and we are already past 75% changed, with an estimated full fall color toward this weekend and next week, with the best fall colors on October 11 and 12,  just in time for the resort’s annual RocktoberFest Event!

Plan your next leaf-peeping trip this weekend into next week and take the scenic drive to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for great fall fun and 2,000 acres of beautiful autumn views. We still have sunny days and plenty of activities for the whole family, from 36-holes of golf to 40’ Canopy Tours.


The upcoming week may offer the best and last chance to capture these vibrant bursts of colors before certain species that have already changed over drop their leaves on the mountain. While peeping, drive around property and take a look at what tree species you can identify.

Oak – Red, Brown, Russet
Hickory – Golden Bronze
Aspen – Golden Yellow
Dogwood – Purplish Red
Beech – Light Tan
Sourwood – Crimson
Red Maple – Scarlet
Sugar Maple – Orange-Red
Black Maple – Yellow

Fall Foliage, General
Leaf Peeper’s Delight

October is all about color this week as the region hits about 30-50% tree foliage change, due to the chilly nights and many bright, sunny days. This is almost perfect for leaf peepers, as The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for Pennsylvania is predicting Peak Week to enter a week sooner than last year in the Laurel Highlands, from October 7 – 12, 2014. Pennsylvania’s location supports 134 species of trees and many more shrubs and vines that contribute to the display of autumn color. Almost half of those species have changed already and are creating a spectacular view at Nemacolin. Have you seen the gorgeous changes around the resort?

Ash, birch, poplar and walnut are varying shades of brilliant yellow and gold; virginia creeper, sumac, dogwood and blackgum are glowing in scarlet, maroon and brick red; while sassafras is clocking in with the brightest colors in hot orange and yellow. The higher elevation of the Laurel Highlands cause color change to happen a bit sooner than the surrounding counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania, so if you look out your window and the trees are not as bright, it’s time to take a trip down our way and get a full taste of the bright and beautiful colors Nemacolin is showcasing.

The best time to experience fall foliage is by getting outside as often as you can, as even a day or two can spark new color in each tree. Check in next week, as Peak Week reveals itself for leaf peepers in the Laurel Highlands! And don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy the view…

Fall Foliage, General
Leaf-Peeping on The First Day of Fall

Change is in the air! It certainly is the beginning of fall here at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a time in the Laurel Highlands where you can view some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Pennsylvania. Our team was hard at work this morning, building our pumpkin and squash display in front of the Lodge.

You may have already noticed a few changing colors earlier in the month due to a spell of cold nights and hot days. As our days get shorter and cold nights get longer, the temperature and waning sunlight stimulates the change, and eventually prompts the “fall” of the leaf.  But not to worry, Pennsylvania has the longest and most unique fall foliage season than any other state, and only about 10% of the trees have changed in the Laurel Highlands Region.

Our best autumn colors will be showcased over the peak week of October 7 – 12, during our fall festival, RocktoberFest, on Saturday, October 11. The leaves are already popping color, so you won’t want to miss the beautiful views on the back side of the Sundial Lodge, listening to live music and sipping on craft beer.

Nemacolin will certainly bring some beautiful sights in the upcoming weeks, whether you want to golf, hike, horseback ride or just sit on a Lodge balcony. Where are your favorite spots to leaf-peep at Nemacolin?