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Is It Time for a Tune-Up?

Kerry Harling, Holistic Healing Center Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner for Nemacolin’s Ayurveda Sanctuary, touches on what your Metabolic Constitution can be and describes what energies your body exudes to create a mental, physical, and emotional personality.

The physical body is a high-performance machine, constantly running to get you through the day, and switching to automatic as you sleep through the night. Sometimes, these things don’t go as planned; there are some bumps in the road and you need readjusted. Sometimes, you just need a tune-up.

Every machine comes with a manual, and Ayurveda is the manual for your body.
Your Ayurvedic Metabolic Constitution makes up your body type, sleep style and mindset.  When we eat the proper foods and follow the lifestyle that suits our constitution, then we have better chances of staying fit, healthy and happy for a long time. All you have to do is follow your unique set of recommendations for foods, herbs and lifestyle changes to start on the road to vibrant health.

Taking a Look Under the Hood
Each of the three Doshas consists of five Ayurvedic elements that form a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional characteristics that make you who you are. While an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis with a certified practitioner is the best way to determine your metabolic type, you can take an online quiz to see where you fit:
  • Vata Dosha – Air & Ether:  Naturally slim, with cold, dry skin. Vatas are highly creative, energetic and unpredictable. Common disorders include arthritis, muscle stiffness, blood pressure issues and chronic fatigue. They are intolerant to the cold.
  • Pitta Dosha – Fire & Water: Usually have a medium, athletic build. They are sharp, ambitious and competitive. Common problems for Pittas include stomach and intestinal disorders, heartburn, bad breath, food allergies and inflammation. They are intolerant to heat.
  • Kapha Dosha – Water & Earth:  Naturally broad-framed, Kaphas have difficulty losing weight. They are naturally attractive, loyal, resilient and routine-oriented. Common issues include diabetes, cold, flu and sinus problems, allergies, water retention and heart disease. They dislike cold, damp conditions.
How to Tune Up & Provide Regular Maintenance
Kerry has a distinct plan to rejuvenate and realign each individual Dosha.  Knowing yours can provide many benefits and clues to how to live your best life.

Maintenance for Vata Types:  Avoid overstimulation and stressful situations. Use yoga, breathing and walking to reduce anxiety. Institute routine, eating meals and gently exercising regularly.
Suggested Essential Oils:  Sesame
Suggested Herbs and Spices:  Triphala, ginger, cumin and fennel

Maintenance for Pitta Types:  The times around midnight and noon are dangerous; events such as anger outbursts or midnight snacking can occur. Pitta should avoid choosing bright red clothing or décor with hot colors. In turn, coffee is stimulating and heating, so it aggravates Pitta.
Suggested Essential Oils:  Coconut, lemongrass and aloe-vera
Suggested Herbs and Spices:  Triphala and dandelion root

Maintenance for Kapha Types:  Sleeping in after sunrise or eating heavily in the evening can make Kapha very sluggish and slow. Eat a light meal with hot foods at routine intervals, and drink warming drinks such as tea.
Suggested Essential Oils:  Lavender, lemon and sage
Suggested Herbs and Spices:  Tumeric, ginger, pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom

Leaving the Shop
Although you will often read or hear of a fad diet or detox program that is great for everyone, Ayurveda recognizes that different people have different needs. By knowing your own Metabolic Constitution, you are in a position to customize your diet, exercise, herbs, massage oils and other aspects of life to your requirements. Kerry Harling is ready to show you how to revive and refresh your life, July 12 through 18, 2015. Click Here to learn more about our Ayurveda Signature Program Package.


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