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Answering The Call Of Duty!

I learned a new job this past weekend at Nemacolin. Not since I joined the US Army had I learned a new job.

It was a gorgeous couple of days to do so. Blue, cloudless skies were prevalent and our guests had the Mystic Mountain slopes full, the shooting stands packed and some even stayed inside choosing to be pampered in The Woodlands Spa. It was everything we dream about as leaders. I just wish I was the one being able to snowboard, shoot or spa, but it just wasn't possible.

Nemacolin's rooms were all occupied again and an early group check-in meant that rooms had to be turned by noon. Therefore, we employed our "All Hands On Deck" policy and stepped up to assist our Housekeeping Team.

I have made a lot of beds in my time on this earth having spent ten years in the military. But, my skills were rusty in making tight hospital corners with crisp bedsheets. After a few attempts, I thought, "Well I am not so rusty after all!" Or so I thought. Each time my bed was complete, the supervisor came back and tightened them up... my ego was shot.

She didn't care what or how I did in the military. But thankfully for me, she didn't have a quarter in her hand. Drill Sergeant Dillingham did. He was one of many DI's at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri who would test your proficiency in bed making by bouncing a quarter of our sheets. Back then, that quarter would look like a basketball being dribbled by Lebron. We were outstanding at making a bed in twenty seconds in the US Army.

But that doesn't cut it for Nemacolin. As my supervisor said, "This bed is why people come to Nemacolin!"

"What?" I've been here for 12 years and I never heard that before.

"When our guests come back from their day, this bed will be perfect. It should make all their cares disappear, they need rest," my supervisor explained."And we make sure they get it."

"Ahhh, I see." It really did look inviting after she pulled that Burberry comforter up a little and fluffed the pillows. "Heh, maybe I could sneak a power nap?" I thought, because this is hard work!

No chance. My supervisor made that very clear. She had many things for us to do.

I made the toilet shine. She would make it sparkle. I swept, dusted, and loaded the dishwashers in our townhomes. She complimented me and corrected deficiencies. It was a great system.

And we had a blast. We had managers from all departments helping out their fellow associates. There was singing, teasing, smiles and laughter, all of which are typical when our leaders get together at Nemacolin. Especially when we have important missions to accomplish.

I was able to work with people from Mystic Mountain, IT, Sales, some of our butlers, bellman, valets and our amazing Activities Team.

We did more sweeping scrubbing, polishing and towel folding then I've done in a long time. And I look really good in a maids uniform, maybe better than I did in camo!

Tom Smith
V.P. of Sales
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


Anonymous said...

That's why I love staying at your facility! It isn't just the beds; it's the fun family atmosphere--you BELONG at Nemacolin!! Thanks for the fun read!! Suzi Muliolis

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort said...

Suzi -

Thank you so very much for your comment! We appreciate your feedback and hearing what the Nemacolin experience means to you.

We look forward to welcoming you back!

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