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Historic Winter!

Wow, what a winter it has been! We have accumulated over 100 inches of natural snowfall during the month of February, making it the snowiest month ever recorded at Mystic Mountain!! Now I know a lot of you are sick of the snow but trust me when I say that March will be the best time of the year to ski Mystic Mountain.

Why is that? Well for one our snow depth ranges from 55-80 inches of base (180 inches this year)! So the conditions are going to be epic all the way until spring. But the number one reason will be the weather. March typically delivers temperatures ranging from 43-60 degrees in the afternoon, and if you have never experienced true “Spring Skiing” this year will be your chance. Soft snow conditions will allow beginners to master their turns and advanced skiers will rip down the mountain and soak in the sun. Don’t wait for the snow to melt to start getting in shape for summer.

Get to Mystic Mountain for your last chance to ski this historic winter!!

See how Mystic Mountain Compares to some popular Colorado ski destinations:

Breckenridge - Colorado:
Base - 70 inches
Snowfall To Date - 194 inches

Crested Butte - Colorado:
Base - 60 inches
Snowfall To Date - 188 inches

Vail - Colorado:
Base - 48 inches
Snowfall To Date - 208 inches

Mystic Mountain - Pennsylvania:
Base - 70 inches
Snowfall To Date - 190 inches

Matt Grobe
Director of Activities
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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