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Make This A Helping Holiday

It all began about two weeks ago when I walked past the television and caught a glimpse of a commercial featuring Santa. I had no idea the jolly old elf was already in town.  That knot in my throat, breaking out in a cold sweat feeling of pre-holiday panic began to set in and had a firm grip on my psyche and my dreams.  Work projects and family obligations have had me on the run for the last few weekends and the increasing trails of dust and mounting piles of clutter at the house were weighing heavy on my mind and I envisioned being featured prominently on the next season of Hoarders.  With so much to do just to return to some sense of domestic normalcy, how in the world would I ever manage extra preparations for the holiday season?  When could I hope to begin the deep cleaning that I associate with this time of the year or begin to bake for family and friends?  And shopping?   I might as well just wave the white flag of surrender and resign myself to the fact that I simply might not have the time to bake everyone’s favorite delicacy this year or hang that extra string of lights that brings a special glow to the living room.

Then, this past Sunday, while contemplating my annual dilemma and formulating this season’s shopping strategies, my holiday stress suddenly dissipated.  I was pulling the pre-pre-pre-holiday toy circular from the local paper when I noticed a photo on the front page that struck every Christmas chord in my body and forced me to take stock of what is truly important during the holidays and every day.  That solitary image of total devastation from the Breezy Point neighborhood borough of Queens made me realize that my holiday preparations, no matter how hectic and hurried, would be very different from those of our neighbors in many northeast communities.  Instead of fretting about a clean home or a special glow, they will be searching through rubble in the spot where they placed their tree last December.  They will not be worrying about the number of Christmas cookies they bake but agonizing over how they will continue to feed their families.  These neighbors will not be hanging holiday lights but concentrating on finding warm and safe shelter for their children and explaining to those very same children how Santa will find them this year…if he finds them at all.

This should be a very different holiday season for each and every one of us whether we were in the direct path of Superstorm Sandy or many miles away in communities untouched and unharmed.  At Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, we are committed to aid in the recovery efforts as a handful of our associates will be traveling to affected neighborhoods to volunteer their time and to deliver supplies to those in such incredible need.  Knowing just how generous and caring our amazing guests can be, we are certain that many have already contributed to the massive relief efforts along the eastern seaboard and we humbly ask that everyone reading this consider a donation of time or supplies if they are able.  We have learned of a number of items that are in great demand and we are placing collection receptacles at the Concierge Desk with plans to ship the contents to a New Jersey community near Ocean City.  If you live in our region or are visiting us within the next month, we hope that you will join us in our efforts and bring one or two of the requested items to help us help those whose holidays have forever changed.

Needed Items
  • Dish Washing Detergent (small sizes)
  • Cleaning Supplies (small sizes)
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers
  • Baby Wash
  • New Linens
  • Non-Perishable Food (dry milk)
  • Juice
Zelma Kassimer
Director of Marketing and Guest Relations Manager


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