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The new TOMCAR Experience at the Off Road Driving Academy has taken Nemacolin by storm! You can’t help but ask questions when you see one of these vehicles flying by. If you have driven a Hummer on Nemacolin’s Off Road Course, you know the terrain. The 17 miles of trails is rough, steep, dirty and filled with rocks, obstacles and water. In a Hummer, your speed doesn’t get above 5-8 miles per hour through the rough terrain. TOMCARS handle the same terrain at over 20 miles per hour!

The trails have been modified to provide one of the most thrilling experiences you can have in an off-road vehicle. Mud, water, rock, steeps, whatever the challenge, the TOMCAR handles it all and FAST! The experience is hard to describe, but the video helps sum up the excitement.

Anyway, check out the video and read a few quotes from Nemacolin guests last week. Want to take a ride? Book your trip using our Stay Planner. Click to the Activities section and scroll down to the Off Road Driving Academy.

“I can’t believe how dirty I got! It was awesome!” - David P. from Rockville, MD

“Absolutely, better than any roller coaster!” – Steve J. from Hershey, PA

“Blew away the Hummer Experience” – Ken S. from Pittsburgh, PA


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