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Blood, Sweat, and Gears to all……….

Woke up this morning to a “Blue Bird” day at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa. The only thing to do was saddle up on my bike and hit the gnarly single track at the Adventure Center.

The “Yellow Loop” as they call it was a very technical 1.7-mile joy ride through the hardwood forests of the Laurel Highlands. The trail starts out by the resort's Greenhouse and continues on a paved road towards the Maples Townhomes. Once you enter the woods you encounter wickedly awesome rock gardens that send vibrations up and down your body as you traverse the rock covered grounds. An expert? Test your balance skills on our “Fun Box” at the top. After a few attempts, I continued to cruise my way through the grassy meadows of the ski slopes. In my opinion, the views from this section of the trail are by far among the best. I would recommend allowing yourself a moment here to catch a breather and relax while taking in the views.

The final .9 miles is back in the hardwoods for single-track action. There are numerous log crossings and rock gardens to conquer. Heed the warning, the last .5 miles is a steady uphill climb that will keep your lungs bumping and calves burning.

Needless to say the ride had everything to offer from majestic views to a challenging single-track. Definitely a must ride when you go to Nemacolin!

Blood, Sweat, and Gears to all……….

Matt Grobe

Activities Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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