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Another Day In The Life At Nemacolin!

Another Day in the Life at Nemacolin!

Monday afternoon, one of Nemacolin's resident Black Bears thought the weather was just too nice to stay home. Beardinine managed to pull and claw her way out of her enclosure into the holding pen area and seemed to be going for more! In the end, she decided to stay home with a little coaxing and some bribes from Nemacolin's talented Animal Program Team.

They are notoriously curious animals and if you have ever witnessed the Black Bears at Nemacolin playing in their pool, you would understand.

Mandy Burnsworth, Nemacolin's Animal Curator, said "Last week it was catching baby bison and finding out our female lion will be giving birth soon, this week it is a fugitive black bear. I really love my job!"

You really never know what could be around the next corner at Nemacolin.


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

How cute. Do you have a wildlife sanctuary or is he a wild animal that came around? I know NW is in the beautiful mountains.

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