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The Great Chase, Teambuilding at Nemacolin

On the beautiful Sunday, August 23, 2009, morning Nemacolin facilitated one of our best teambuilding events called the Great Chase. This program is awesome in how dynamic it can be for groups. Whatever the demographic may be of the participants, there is something for everyone. Groups are split up into teams, given a map and their first clue. The “Chase” takes them all over our property and they compete an activity at each location. Whether it was climbing a cargo net, paddle boating, rock climbing or putting together a puzzle, the event can be customized to fit the needs of any group.

Each Great Chase is different and customized in its own way. Getting to know the group, their goals, and the make up of the participants help Nemacolin customize each event. All the activities are scored and put together at the end for a final score so winners can be determined. Although this gets disputed many times by competitive people who demand recounts, it is fun for everyone even if you don’t win.

This teambuilding event is just one of the many events we conduct on a regular basis. Whether it is a Scavenger Hunt, Traditional Teambuilding Initiatives, Boat Regatta’s, Off Road Driving Hunts, or Soap Box Derby’s, anything can be done. Our limit is no limit and if you can think it, we can create it. Every group needs teambuilding whether it is a group that is unfamiliar with each other, or a group that has been together for years. Bring your next teambuilding event and create lifelong memories while building important relationships to make your workplace productive.

Eric McElhone
Activity Sales Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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