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New - Nemacolin Harvest Collection!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is proud to announce the launch of the NEW Nemacolin Harvest Collection. A line of quality, ingredient driven gourmet products which feature Tavern Salsa, Tangy Honey BBQ Sauce and Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette.

The creation of all three products was a brainstorm by Nemacolin's award wining food and beverage team. Executive Chef, Jeremy Critchfield explains, "Starting out we wanted to find the perfect way for our guests to take a piece of Nemacolin home with them and help them remember the memories they made here. Naturally I felt food was the best way to achieve this goal."

Chef Critchfield chose the three products after much debate, as they were determined easy to use and spoke to the atmosphere of casual elegance our guests come here for time after time. The food and beverage team spent over a year tasting and testing the new Nemacolin Harvest line of products. "We hand picked every ingredient; from the most perfect jalapenos for the Tavern Salsa, the ripest tomatoes for the Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette to the perfect balance of spices for our Tangy Honey BBQ," Chef Critchfield explains.

Each one of the Nemacolin Harvest products are made with the same commitment to quality from scratch cooking we have in our resort's restaurant collection. Products from the Nemacolin Harvest Collection can be purchased 24/7 Online or by visiting Nemacolin's shopping outlets, Heritage Court and the Sundry Shop.

From our kitchens to yours to enjoy with family and friends throughout the year!


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