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How To Go From A 13 Handicap To A 22 In One Year!

Golf Advice (or not!): How to go from a 13 handicap to a 22 in one year!

Well fellow golf fans and addicts, the PGA will brag about ways to improve that swing and shave strokes off your score but not I! In fact, I have added a good 8-10 strokes to my game per 18 holes in a bit less than a year. How did I accomplish such a feat you ask? Well let me give you some very useless and unhelpful hints, consider it my Top 10!

#10 Do not have a drink in 14+ months.

#9 Gain 15 lbs and see just how inflexible you really are!!

#8 Fall right into the worst recession in US History.

#7 Try selling high end corporate outings at a resort when there are "those" that have waged war on the banking and finance industry as well as the automotive industry, just to name a few.

#6 Come home one day to find your 15 year old son has ear rings in each ear!

#5 Leave that blackberry on while on the golf course and constantly check your messages throughout the round.

#4 Notice that your credit rating scores are dropping unlike your golf game… ouch!

#3 You gave up the Titleist Golf Balls for range balls.

#2 You realized that golf clubs do not float when thrown into a lake nor do they come back when thrown like a boomerang.

And the #1 way to go from a 13 handicap to a 22 in one year... You get winded driving a golf cart!

Stay tuned for more useless hints from that old resort sales guy!!


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