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ATM Fees and Lollipops?

I discussed the simplicities of the loyalty phenomenon in a previous post this summer. It’s the acknowledgment, the sense of urgency and sincerity that make the experience and set the foundation for loyal customers. And then, there are lollipops!

I have been a PNC customer for years, traveling past ten different banks to get to our local branch. Recently, PNC purchased a regional bank and opened a new branch closer to our house. So, naturally my wife decides to start using the new branch closer to home. With a car full of kids, she pulls into the new bank and the crying and screaming begins! “This isn’t the bank where the nice lady gives us lollipops! I want to go to that bank!”

Now, I bet banks across America spend millions of dollars on lollipops every year. I’m certain that meetings have been held about the money that could be saved by cutting out lollipops. What an easy way to save money, increase profits… and lose customers. Thank you to the new branch of PNC for not cutting out lollipops. You still have me.

Steve Yastrow wrote in his book “Brand Harmony” that “the strength of a brand impression in a customer’s mind is not built through powerful messages but by messages that harmonize in the customer’s brain.”

Nothing harmonizes a four year old’s brain like lollipops! And nothing harmonizes in this customer’s brain like happy four year olds, regardless of the increased ATM fees!

Chris Plummer
General Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


Susan said...

Customer Service is key!!! In this day in age the product i.e., banking, medication, groceries, medical services and the like are available everywhere including online.
It is truly the customer service the makes or breaks a business.
Like many people, I have no problem spending a little extra, commuting a little further or waiting a few minutes longer to get a service or product that comes with quality customer service.
As in the days of old , a kind word and a smile goes a long way.

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