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Spa Tips From The Insiders...

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort welcomes you to take advantage of the Woodlands Spa during your next getaway with us! Our international acclaimed Spa features forty well appointed treatment rooms, including four couple’s rooms, and offers nearly 100 treatments and services.

Obtain the ultimate relaxation by preparing for your next Spa visit with some Spa tips from our insiders...

  • Arrive early and take advantage of the facility. Use Steam or Sauna then take a cold shower and use the whirlpool to relax your body and begin the detoxification process.

  • Make sure to drink a lot of water during your Spa visit to keep well hydrated and to cleanse the toxins from the body quickly.

  • Find the Spa specials so that you can take advantage of multiple services and truly reach your goal. It is easier to escape reality and forget about day to day life in 80 minutes then 25 minutes.

  • Do not shave or tan before visiting the spa, it will make your skin sensitive.

  • Book a facial to receive massage movements that will enhance your muscle tone by lifting and firming.

  • Look for services that will replenish your body of vitamins and minerals lost from daily harmful environmental exposure.

  • Your mom was right, you shouldn’t pick at your face, leave that to the professionals. Your skin care professional will perform extractions which will minimize your pores and make your skin look clear during a 50 or 80 minute Personalized Facial.

  • Don’t be scared of a deep tissue massage. Yes you can be a little sore afterwards but that can be normal. Always communicate with your provider and drink plenty of water. One reason that you can be sore after a good deep tissue or sports massage is that the muscular and skeletal systems have both been manipulated and worked on just like if you had worked out or done some type of difficult activity. That’s why massage has been labeled the “lazy persons workout.”

  • Do you workout regularly? Swap your workout once a month for a massage. Your mind will be clearer and your body will thank you and perform better.

Do you have spa tips or secrets that maximize your Spa experiences? If so, please share with our readers. And, one additional tip... want to know the best places to find the spa specials at Nemacolin's Woodlands Spa? Each month a Spa Special is featured. You can learn about these specials through Nemacolin's Facebook and Twitter pages.

"Treat Yourself Good, Treat You Body Better!"
Stephanie Hostetler
Director of Spa Operations - The Woodlands Spa
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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