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It’s Your Culinary Education

With the hospitality industry ever growing, there are many ways to receive a culinary education. The three most common are:

Traditional culinary school where students study everything from gastronomy to foods from around the world, product identification, and culinary math.
2) A staggerie which is typical of studying overseas where individuals usually work under a well-respected chef and will learn the ideas and concepts from that chef’s career.
3) A formal culinary apprenticeship either overseas or here in the states. Here in the states most apprentices are young adults (with some exception) that work at a certified apprentice site (mostly resorts and hotels) while attending a local community college culinary program.

The reason I chose to write this article is because I am one of the chefs that lead our apprenticeship program here at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and I take great personal pride in the development of our students. Our students are under the careful eye of our Vice President of Food and Beverage/Executive Chef Brent Wertz, CEC, AAC; along with our chef leadership team including Executive Sous Chef Paul Haines who was just awarded “Chef of the Year” for the Laurel Highlands American Culinary Federation (ACF) chapter.

At Nemacolin our students work a full-time schedule in our kitchens on a rotational basis. Here the students learn the culinary basics to succeed in one of the most demanding career fields. As well, the students attend culinary classes at Westmoreland Community College which is where they receive their formal schooling.

Apprentices go through this program which takes approximately 3 years and in return receive an associate’s degree in culinary arts along with certification through the American Culinary Federation (ACF). In order for the students to finish the program, they are put to the test once they conclude their studies by passing a written exam and culinary cooking practical.

Over the past 2 months I have had the great privilege, along with a few other chefs at our property, to train 3 students to go through this vigorous process to reach their ultimate goal. This is an industry of passion, love, and dedication. Those that join the culinary ranks will quickly understand that they will miss out on important times of the year (holidays, birthdays, weekends off, and much more) but will grow to love the instant satisfaction of pleasing palates on a daily basis.

All options for culinary education have a unique style of training and the choice is yours. If interested in a formal apprenticeship make sure to check us out. You will enjoy years of studying under a variety of chefs with an immense amount of experience and receive certification from a Five Star-Five Diamond luxury property.

Seth Mahler
Chef De Cuisine, Falling Rock Hotel


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