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Over The Top!

The oldest, most familiar expression in golf (after keep your head down) is “you came over the top." Let’s explore that prepositional phrase…

To understand what is meant by “over the top;” we need to know about swing plane. Swing plane is a cone shaped area. The perimeters of which are a line which would run through the shaft of the golf club at address and a line that would run from the golf ball through the shoulders of the player. These two lines are the upper and lower boundaries, for lack of a better term, of the golf swing. In other words, if we can stay within that that cone-shaped area, we have the best chance of hitting good golf shots. When our golf club swings under the shaft line (bottom end) we are said to be “under the plane." When we swing over the line running through the shoulders, (top line) we are said to be “over the plane,” or more commonly “over the top. ” (Golf pros love prepositional phrases).

Over the top is categorically the number one flaw in almost every amateur’s golf swing! At least 80% of the people I teach suffer this malady. It never, I repeat never, causes anything good to happen at impact. Typically golf shots are pulled, sliced, shanked and topped from that position at impact. The most one can hope for is a slice that starts well left of the target and curves weakly back in play; a major power outage!

What causes this? Well, like everything else in golf, probably a myriad of things. But here’s one you may not have considered: Golf is one of the few games in which we do not face the target. At address, we are angled 90 degrees away from our target. Think of a basketball player trying to make a basket or a bowler trying to hit pins in that position. Then the instructor has the audacity to tell you to turn your back to the target at the top of your wing. Now you are literally facing 180 degrees from your intended target. Is it any wonder your first move from the top is OUT, not down? And of course, some well intended, but often misinformed, friend says, “Hey you came over the top.”

Correction: Learn to hook the ball for a while. (The reason you come over the top is because you slice) This will begin to create a better habit whereby you swing more from inside the ball-target line and more on plane in the downswing. Try a stronger grip and freer release with the right hand rolling over the left through impact. Shortly after your golf ball starts to curve from right to left, you WILL stop coming "over the top."

I believe you have to SEE this on video to fully comprehend it, especially the extent to which you may be doing it. The real problem is this: This single error, coming over the top, causes the golfer more compensations in the downswing than any other; standing up, opening the face, releasing too early (more about that in another lesson) and losing balance are all a result of coming “over the top.”

It won’t be easy to lose this bad habit, but you can do it with a teacher who understands the problem.

Good Luck!
Dennis Clark
PGA Master Professional
Director of Golf
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Sales and Marketing
The Great Chase, Teambuilding at Nemacolin

On the beautiful Sunday, August 23, 2009, morning Nemacolin facilitated one of our best teambuilding events called the Great Chase. This program is awesome in how dynamic it can be for groups. Whatever the demographic may be of the participants, there is something for everyone. Groups are split up into teams, given a map and their first clue. The “Chase” takes them all over our property and they compete an activity at each location. Whether it was climbing a cargo net, paddle boating, rock climbing or putting together a puzzle, the event can be customized to fit the needs of any group.

Each Great Chase is different and customized in its own way. Getting to know the group, their goals, and the make up of the participants help Nemacolin customize each event. All the activities are scored and put together at the end for a final score so winners can be determined. Although this gets disputed many times by competitive people who demand recounts, it is fun for everyone even if you don’t win.

This teambuilding event is just one of the many events we conduct on a regular basis. Whether it is a Scavenger Hunt, Traditional Teambuilding Initiatives, Boat Regatta’s, Off Road Driving Hunts, or Soap Box Derby’s, anything can be done. Our limit is no limit and if you can think it, we can create it. Every group needs teambuilding whether it is a group that is unfamiliar with each other, or a group that has been together for years. Bring your next teambuilding event and create lifelong memories while building important relationships to make your workplace productive.

Eric McElhone
Activity Sales Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Sales and Marketing
How To Go From A 13 Handicap To A 22 In One Year!

Golf Advice (or not!): How to go from a 13 handicap to a 22 in one year!

Well fellow golf fans and addicts, the PGA will brag about ways to improve that swing and shave strokes off your score but not I! In fact, I have added a good 8-10 strokes to my game per 18 holes in a bit less than a year. How did I accomplish such a feat you ask? Well let me give you some very useless and unhelpful hints, consider it my Top 10!

#10 Do not have a drink in 14+ months.

#9 Gain 15 lbs and see just how inflexible you really are!!

#8 Fall right into the worst recession in US History.

#7 Try selling high end corporate outings at a resort when there are "those" that have waged war on the banking and finance industry as well as the automotive industry, just to name a few.

#6 Come home one day to find your 15 year old son has ear rings in each ear!

#5 Leave that blackberry on while on the golf course and constantly check your messages throughout the round.

#4 Notice that your credit rating scores are dropping unlike your golf game… ouch!

#3 You gave up the Titleist Golf Balls for range balls.

#2 You realized that golf clubs do not float when thrown into a lake nor do they come back when thrown like a boomerang.

And the #1 way to go from a 13 handicap to a 22 in one year... You get winded driving a golf cart!

Stay tuned for more useless hints from that old resort sales guy!!

New - Nemacolin Harvest Collection!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is proud to announce the launch of the NEW Nemacolin Harvest Collection. A line of quality, ingredient driven gourmet products which feature Tavern Salsa, Tangy Honey BBQ Sauce and Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette.

The creation of all three products was a brainstorm by Nemacolin's award wining food and beverage team. Executive Chef, Jeremy Critchfield explains, "Starting out we wanted to find the perfect way for our guests to take a piece of Nemacolin home with them and help them remember the memories they made here. Naturally I felt food was the best way to achieve this goal."

Chef Critchfield chose the three products after much debate, as they were determined easy to use and spoke to the atmosphere of casual elegance our guests come here for time after time. The food and beverage team spent over a year tasting and testing the new Nemacolin Harvest line of products. "We hand picked every ingredient; from the most perfect jalapenos for the Tavern Salsa, the ripest tomatoes for the Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette to the perfect balance of spices for our Tangy Honey BBQ," Chef Critchfield explains.

Each one of the Nemacolin Harvest products are made with the same commitment to quality from scratch cooking we have in our resort's restaurant collection. Products from the Nemacolin Harvest Collection can be purchased 24/7 Online or by visiting Nemacolin's shopping outlets, Heritage Court and the Sundry Shop.

From our kitchens to yours to enjoy with family and friends throughout the year!

The River "Y"

Took a few guests out to the Youghiogheny River on Wednesday, August 5. Water 1020 cfs and 56.5 degrees coming out of the dam. We fished from 9am-12pm on a mostly sunny afternoon. My guests had never picked up a rod before so the first hour we worked on our casting techniques.

They learned the basic roll cast which is the most effective way to cast on the “Yough.” They picked up on it very quickly and each one missed a fish within the first hour. There were numerous insects coming off the water including; Slate Drakes, Green Caddis, Yellow Stonefly’s and a number of small midges. We had most of our action on a #12 Copper John but missed a few on top as well.

For those of you who have never been on the “Yough” before, it is a bottom release tail water that stays cool all summer long when most of the other local streams get too warm for trout. This river contains some of the biggest trout in the east coast for the angler to cast too. We got the big one in the picture on a size # 18 Adams Catskill imitation. It was the first fish the client ever caught! What a way to spend a relaxing day in the Laurel Highlands.
The best fishing on the Youghiogheny is still to be had in the next couple of months. The brown trout will start spawning in the fall and get very aggressive. This is the time of year to throw gigantic streamers for huge fish. Let us know if you are interested in catching one of these leviathans!

-Matt Grobe, Recreation Manager