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Some Healthy Tips To Get Through The Holidays...

Everyone knows that the holidays can consume quite a bit of our energy and time. However, the season of giving doesn’t mean you have to give-up on your workout routines and/or your healthy lifestyle goals.

Our Fitness Supervisor, Susan Pelfrey, provides us with some tips to stay on track as we navigate through the temptations and stresses of the holidays.

  • Stay committed to your workouts. This may mean cutting back on some days but don’t cut out all days! Make three cardio sessions a week your goal. Studies show we can maintain our current fitness level even if we reduce the frequency. The secret here is we must maintain the intensity of the workouts. Therefore, going from five to three workouts each week during the holidays will not undo your good deeds from the summer and fall as long as the intensity is the same.
  • Introduce multi-joint exercises to save time in the weight-room. Examples: lunges with shoulder presses, wall squats with bicep curls, push-ups over an exercise ball or walking planks on the Bosu.
  • Continue to be aware of calorie intake. This time of year we are tempted with office goodies, family favorites, weekend parties and very little will power. Set yourself up for success by not skipping on meals throughout the day.
  • Make a check list of goals for the day. For example: I will not shop through lunch today. I will eat five veggies and five fruits today. I will only have 5oz of wine at the party tonight. I will shop with a list. I will allow myself 150 calories today that are totally guilt free. You get the picture.
And, our favorite rule to live by... remember, it is the holidays, so don’t try and be perfect. Enjoy this time of year. Just make smart choices and be willing to hold your ground. Come January 1st it will have been so worth it!

Do you have any tips that you live by or would like to share to help others continue their healthy lifestyles throughout the holiday season?

Susan Pelfrey
Fitness Supervisor
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

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