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Meet Kira!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort would like you to meet the newest member of our Wildlife Academy family... meet Kira!

Kira is a Bengal Tiger and is approximately six months old. She currently inhabits the Wildlife Academy Nursery and will reside there for the remainder of the winter. In Spring 2012, Kira will be relocated to a larger outdoor enclosure as part of our Animal Habitats. Currently, guests can meet Kira on our Safari Tour or Nursery Tours.

General Bengal Tiger facts:
  • Bengals are the most common sub-species of tiger.
  • They are native to India and other portions of Southeast Asia.
  • Tigers are the largest member of the cat family.
  • Bengal tigers are carnivores (meat eaters).
  • They are solitary (meaning they live alone, not in groups).
  • Tigers usually hunt at night and will drag their kill to a safe place, such as up a tree, to eat it. They can consume more than 70lbs in one sitting and will then not eat for days.
  • They are excellent swimmers.
  • Each tiger has a pattern of stripes unique to each individual (just as our fingerprints).
  • Bengal tigers are usually brownish-orange with black stripes however, there is a rare mutation that produces white tigers.

Kira will make special appearances at our Holiday Wild Animal Shows. For more information, please contact our Wildlife Academy at 724.329.6961.

Karen Brindle
Wildlife Academy Supervisor
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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