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To Keep Or Drop "Resort"... That Is The Question.

The other morning while I was hopping around various Internet sites gathering the daily news, I came upon this article in the Wall Street Journal. It is a well written article about how some resorts in the country are dropping the word “resort” from their names because it was a road block to landing some conferences. I hope some of you reading it get as mad as I did.

I do not believe that the experiences that last a lifetime between you and your children are made at a “Hotel or Lodge.” Do you really want to reward your best associates for a job well done at a “Conference Facility?” Can you build the relationships with potential or existing clients that lead to improved sales at a “Convention Center?” I don’t believe so.

I do believe that the operators of those properties dropping the word “resort” should have spent a lot more time developing their culture and motivating their people to create spectacular sales and marketing plans and less time convincing their owners and board of directors that dropping the word “resort” will solve problems.

We are going to keep the “Resort” in Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. It is what we are, our associates are very proud of that and all our guests deserve it.

Chris Plummer
General Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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