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Nemacolin Watches Undercover Boss!

Nemacolin is always looking for more ways to introduce people to our great resort. Sure, we thought about a Super Bowl AD, but just could not come up with the right story board. So we watched the Super Bowl and while some of the commercials were great… it was what came after the big game and advertising that hit us... "UNDERCOVER BOSS!" Now, that is the ticket.

In case you missed it, Waste Management President and C.O.O. Larry O’Donnell went undercover within his Fortune 200 company, posing as a new recruit and worked along side his employees cleaning porta-potties and working the conveyor belt. Check it out Here.

Not expecting much from reality TV... I was blown away. Often, these shows are staged for maximum effect. If "Undercover Boss" was staged, Waste Management has more guts than I imagined. Their sins were right there for the world to see. Would anyone else have the courage to do that with their business? Kudos to Waste Management!

Some of the things Larry found out by visiting various job locations within the company were very shocking. In Syracuse, New York, female trash route driver, Janice, described the affects corporate's stress to maintain productivity had on her position. As a female truck driver, Janice would not stop to take a restroom break because of time restraints, instead she used a can. Yes, a can!

Larry was also fired during one of his jobs. At the Central Landfill in Pompano Beach, Florida, Larry could not pick up trash fast enough. Larry's boss for the day, Walter, told him it is not "rocket science," when Larry asked a few questions about how to pick up trash effectively. It was hilarious television. Unknowingly, Walter let the C.O.O. know he was not "able to cut the mustard." It was the first time Larry was ever fired from a job.

There were a few other interesting segments including Jaclyn, an administrative assistant that was doing the job of seven plus staff members due to budget cuts. Many of the challenges Waste Management faces comes from revenues that have remained flat. One of the basic ways to improve such a company is obviously becoming more productive.

Larry found that his decisions within the company may have gone too far. In the end of the show, after seeing the struggle the front line associates dealt with during their various day-to-day jobs, Larry revealed himself to each associate and made positive changes in each area.

In your business today, have you gone too far? Do you even know about the struggles your associates have? And if so, would you be comfortable letting national television watch?

We are! Sign Nemacolin up. Here we come CBS!

- For more info on Waste Management and the ways they are improving our environment through their Waste to Energy Plan, Click Here.

Tom Smith
Vice President of Sales
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


Cindy said...

What a great concept for a show! I would love to see Nemacolin on the show. I remember a few years ago, when Nemacolin had a record snow over the President's Day weekend. Many guests were snowed in at the resort (what a horrible place to be stuck?!). It was all hands on deck, meaning that whoever had the ability to get to work did what was needed. The General Manager cleaned rooms and made beds. Sales managers helped serve food. It was amazing!

So if you make the show, let me know. I'll set my DVR to record!

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort said...

Cindy -

Thank you so much for your comment and for recognizing our associates through the experience you shared. We are proud of our associates' teamwork attitude! Like we said before, here we come CBS!

Thanks again!

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