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Associates of the Month
Congratulations to our Stars of the Month!

We may often boast the wonderful awards that our resort has earned throughout the years from AAA Five-Diamonds to Forbes Five-Stars.  However, the real stars that always make us beam with pride, from ear to ear, are our deserving associates.  Each month we ask our associates to nominate each other for the following awards:  Associate of the Month - Front of the House, Associate of the Month - Back of the House, Rising Star and Leader of the Month.  From peer reviews to superior praises, our associates join together and highlight some fantastic moments of customer service, teambuilding, dedication and much more.  All to show gratitude to our Nemacolin family members.

Colleen Clay - Banquets
"Colleen is our Banquets Captain which at times can be very difficult. She does a great job at keeping our guests happy and our standards in place."

ASSOCIATE OF THE MONTH - Front of the House
Andrew Null (Woodlands World) - Not pictured
"Andrew accomplishes more in a few days, than many do in a whole week!  His work ethic is rare to find these days and I hope others will begin to follow his example."

ASSOCIATE OF THE MONTH:  Back of the House
Tina Davison (Accounting)
"With recent personnel changes, Tina has taken on work that was once split between two people.  She has done this with a good attitude, efficiently and consistently, all while learning some new skills."

Loretta Jordan and Sonya Sellong (Not pictured) - Housekeeping
"I want to nominate Loretta and Sonya together for the outstanding job they did on redecorating our Associate Ladies Bathroom. They took it upon themselves to find all the decorations and paint the space. What an amazing transformation of that bathroom! It just shows what committed, caring managers they are and how lucky we are to have them."

Front Desk
"From the busy summer, with the opening of Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin on July 1 to the busiest Labor Day Weekend we have had, I am very proud of this group and everything they have overcome in the last few months."

If you have a Nemacolin Woodlands Resort vacation planned over the next few months and you happen to be so lucky to run into one of the following associates, please join us in congratulation them.


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