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Nemacolin Prepares To Dig In And Give Back

Volunteers from Nemacolin Woodlands Resort will hit the road this week with representatives from more than a dozen other organizations to take part is what some might deem the ultimate in giving back. On Friday, April 19, 2013, Nemacolin Gives Back, a Nemacolin Woodlands Resort volunteer organization created to personally impact the local community, will participate in the second year of a multi-year reforestation effort at the Flight 93 Memorial site. The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a windbreak for the 40 Memorial Groves design feature, which will be planted nearby in memory of those individuals who lost their lives aboard Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. The personal impact for the participants is much more far reaching.

“After participating in the first year of the project, we were left with a feeling of overwhelming gratitude for the sacrifices of the crew and passengers of Flight 93. We all walked away with a sense of satisfaction that we were able to make a small contribution in the effort to preserve their memory for years to come,” said Julie King, Marketing Manager and Organizer of Nemacolin Gives Back. “This project has such a personal connection for everyone who has played a part and unites us in a way that none of us should ever forget. That is why we knew we had to be involved again this year.”

Nemacolin Gives Back was established over a year ago and has participated in several events since its inception. These events include a Nemacolin's traveling Wild Animal Show at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Flight 93 Reforestation Project, Habitat for Humanity, a Summer Food Program and Pittsburgh Beautification. In keeping with the philanthropic spirit of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort's founders, Joseph A. Hardy and Maggie Hardy Magerko, Nemacolin Gives Back has made it their mission to personally impact individuals through personal connection and interaction. However, for many of the individuals participating in the Flight 93 project, the personal impact lies within.

Images from Nemacolin Gives Back's participation in the Flight 93 Reforestation project in 2012.

Julie King
Marketing Manager
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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