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Congratulations to our Associates of the Month!

Henry Ford once said, “Take my building, all my money, my land, but leave me my people and within one year I will be back on top again.” 

We found this quote quite fitting as we put together our Associates of the Month announcement.  At Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, we are honored with the many awards and recognitions we have received from various industry leading organizations over the years.  We are proud of the new Sundial Lodge and other infrastructure improvements and additions we have built for our guests' enjoyment.  We are proud of the endless list of amenities that come with striving to be the best within our industry for the past 26 years.  Most of all, we are proud of our people, our family.  Our Associates are the foundation of our culture.

Join us in celebrating and congratulating our Associates of the Month!

Front of the House:
Sarah "Liz" Berlovich - Woodlands Spa
"Sarah does superb work and is very professional with all of her guests. Sarah goes out of her way to make sure her guests are happy and enjoying not only the service she is providing them but also their entire stay.  Sarah is a great asset to our team and I feel she should be recognized for it!"

Rising Star: 
Lauren "Shorty" Pavlicko - Tavern / Apex
"Lauren goes above and beyond service standards to ensure all guests and co-workers are treated with the greatest satisfaction in mind."

Leader of the Month:
Allan Treacher - Engineering
"Immediately after Alan was promoted to Assistant Director of Engineering, improvements were noticed. He jumped in head first and tackled tasks with confidence and much ambition. He is hands on and results oriented. He seems relentless and has the knowledge to back up his mission"

Team of the Quarter:
A HUGE thank you to our Activities team for their long hours and hard work during the planning, building and launch of our new Sundial Lodge!

Not Pictured.  Back Of The House:Jim Fernico - Housekeeping
"Jim has stepped up and started training our new associates in housekeeping. He is a loyal and dedicated employee and always goes above and beyond his job duties. He truly cares for the condition of our property and is constantly striving to make improvements."


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