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Here’s To Andrew Jackson…

I never expected to see the day when the price of my morning cup of coffee would be neck in neck with the price of a gallon of regular unleaded but it’s rapidly approaching. As someone who has a slight (ok…major) problem with control issues, I despise the fact that I have no option but to pay the asking price or part with my second favorite beverage. I have already contacted my credit union to see if I can open a grocery club. My thoughts are that I should be able to save enough from a month’s worth of paychecks to purchase a week’s worth of groceries and maybe have a little leftover for a few of life’s little pleasures like pretzels or ice. In short, just as gray is the new black and 50 is the new 30, twenties are the new fives! Many (ok…many, many) years ago when I opened my first bank account, I remember cashing a five dollar check to have spending adequate money for the week. Now, it costs three dollars to get five and a crisp fifty might see you through til Wednesday, provided you don’t need to fill your tank so you may very well be surprised at the number of things you can do at a luxury resort while saying goodbye to just one Mr. Jackson.

If you are the active type and crave the great outdoors, you can navigate the indoor and outdoor climbing walls, play miniature golf, disc golf and receive additional discounts by purchasing an Adventure Pass and you’ll still have enough change to swing by PJ’s and enjoy a scoop of hand dipped ice cream.

If you feel artistic but haven’t quite found your medium, one cool twenty will provide a unique canvas with equipment and 200 rounds of Target Paintball.

If you like the gun but hate the paint and prefer Sporting Clays, that same twenty dollar bill pays for shotgun rental at the Shooting Academy.

If you are into nature but prefer the passive approach, part with a twenty and hop on the FatBird Express Train to see the property and the Wildlife Habitats.

If you happen to chip a nail during your outdoor experience or believe that the great outdoors isn’t all that great, a crisp Andrew Jackson can snag you a pretty polish change at the Woodlands Spa.

If you are thirsty and need to move indoors for a cool drink, wander into The WildSide and help yourself to a couple of cold domestic drafts, my first favorite beverage, a dozen delicious wings and keep the kids busy with game tokens all for less than twenty bucks.

If you find wine more appealing than a frosty beer (I guess it could happen), you and your special someone can each enjoy a glass of our house wine at the lobby bar and still keep it at an even twenty.

If you think that chocolate is one of the basic food groups, take Mr. Jackson to the Tavern and indulge in a Fudge Brownie Sunday and add the Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee for dessert.

If your culinary tastes tend to be more international, you might want to introduce good old Andrew to the Pan Asian menu on Sunset Terrace and dine on house fried rice and spring rolls.

And if you think I can’t go on and on, you don’t know me very well but take my word for it, you can experience a great deal of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort with Mr. Jackson as your traveling companion. Of course, we invite you to bring Mr. Franklin along for the ride just in case you come across the perfect sweater in one of our fabulous retail shops.

Zelma Kassimer
Director of Marketing
Nemcolin Woodlands Resort


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