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Fitness Center Adds TRX Suspension Training

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort's Fitness Center is excited to announce a new fitness offering, TRX Suspension Training. TRX is a total body workout that uses your own body weight for resistance. TRX training will improve your core stability, balance, flexibility and overall strength. A great tool to prevent muscular imbalances, as so many of the smaller muscle groups are recruited to help balance out the movement. TRX training is very time efficient and a short 30 minute workout that will get your heart pumping and challenge core muscles you were never aware of.

Taught by Susan Pelfrey, ACSM CPT, Nemacolin's Fitness Supervisor and recently certified ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Training is considered an intermediate fitness level.

A 30 minute session is $45. Weight limit of 175 lbs. Please contact the Woodlands Spa at 724.329.6774 for more details.


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MoLangley said...

You are providing a great service to all of us who are looking for new and challenging workouts. It is especially great that you are incorporating RIP movements as well. It is a great piece of equipment and a great compliment to the TRX supension trainer. Keep doing what you have been doing.

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