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Red Sheep Have Been Born!

The best thing about working in the Recreation Department at Nemacolin is the "unpredictable factor" each day presents. You often hear... "Expect The Unexpected," read and see the how "unexpected" entered my day.

The day started off like many others, until... OPERATION RESCUE the baby Red Sheep.

Nemacolin's Wildlife Academy includes a number of Wildlife Habitats or animal enclosures, each featuring a variety of animals from red sheep and zebra to lions and black bear. When a baby is born the trained and certified associates at the Wildlife Academy must retrieve the baby for a period of time for our Veterinarian Staff to perform appropriate vaccinations and to complete a physical check-up.

Back to OPERATION RESCUE... After one of our adult red sheep delivered a baby, a team of six entered the habitat to locate the baby that was hidden within the rock caves. The mission was a success and to our surprise we found twins. Check out the mission below!


  • Can reach heights of up to three feet at the shoulder.

  • Can weigh up to 200 pounds.

  • Red Sheep are herbivorous and feed on a variety of grasses and shrubs.

  • Red Sheep are found in Southwestern Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Kashmir region of India.

  • Also known as Urial, Shapo or Arkhar in various parts of the world.
The Wildlife Academy at Nemacolin is dedicated to providing interactive entertainment and live animal programs with an emphasis on education.

Matt Grobe
Director of Activities
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


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